Friday, May 24, 2024

Shaking my head

I do not know what happened but I can't post any links. All I get is null at the end of the text with the link in it.. Blogger has no answer for this but I am still looking. Ay yi yi yi. I checked my settings to see if anything was disabled but nah.

I will post some memes for your viewing pleasure or anger. Thoughts and prayers are very welcome.

Ribbon Falls, Arizona.

Have a great weekend. It'll be better than mine!



  1. I mostly use my phone for my Social Media exploits but lately everything has been wonky. My Email is loading like used to, I'm not getting emails being sent me.
    An app that I use for some banking recently blanked on my account. I had to call tech support and have them hold my hand to get the app to finally (?) work again.
    But at least We the People aren't under any kind of Russian cyber attack, right?

  2. Ouch.
    Russia? Maybe. It may be Juan in Venezuela?