Monday, May 13, 2024

I might as well take a vacay for a few days



I'd much rather be dealing with the chaos in the U.S than the chaos surrounding my casita but there is so much happening around here.

And to top it off my mini-split a/c is leaking water. Just shoot me.

So you won't leave empty minded, I have a few memes for you...

Tuscany, Italy under the northern lights.



  1. Check the drain pan underneath the coil inside. If there's a drain line under it, it might be clogged.

  2. Sometimes ya gotta deal with what life does to you so you can come back to us and help us deal with what life is doing to the whole world!! 😬 Thank you for the Aurora Borealis!! My first name really is Cleora...old family name, I'm the 5th and there is now a 6th.. always said I should marry someone with last name Borealis so I could be "The Cleora Borealis!" Well, hubby refers to me by that full name even though he is not a Borealis...he's a sweetie that way! 🥰