Wednesday, March 13, 2024

'We don't take sides,' CEO of company that guaranteed Trump's $92M bond tells shareholders

'We don't take sides,' CEO of company that guaranteed Trump's $92M bond tells shareholders
The chairman and chief executive of the insurance company that guaranteed former President Donald Trump's $92 million bond in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case said in a letter Wednesday that the company's participation "has nothing to do with the underlying merits or with favoring any of the parties in the case."
He also said the bond is "fully collateralized," though the letter did not say how much cash or what assets Trump used as collateral.

E. Jean Carroll Asks Trump to Keep Defaming Her So She Can Buy Yacht. - Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Trump’s latest “drill baby drill” is another head scratcher. America is producing more oil than ever. Maybe he’s doing for the dental vote . - Karl Rosenfeld

Hakeem Jeffries Trying To Get Funding For Ukraine
House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) is floating an ambitious deadline for the chamber to pass Ukraine aid, urging GOP leaders to send a Senate-passed foreign aid package to President Biden’s desk by the end of next week. 

Republican Shenanigans

Marjorie Taylor Greene Concerned That Katie Britt is Hurting GOP's Credibility. - Andy Borowitz

This Is Just A Slight Bump In The Election Interference Road

RFK Jr. has chosen Ebola Virus as his running mate. - Jeremy Newberger


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Rock The Voter News

Clarence Thomas Banned From Yacht After Ginni Leads Insurrection at Sea. - Andy Borowitz

Apparently, Hunter Is Just Sick and Tired Of All Their Nonsense

The Ongoing Katie Britt Meme Collection


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Business/Tech News

It would have been kind of funny if X got banned instead of Tic-Tok, right after Musk spent 44 billion on it. - DesignationSix

Apparently, Don Lemon Rubbed Musk The Wrong Way

Here's a screenshot I took on X of pure unadulterated election interference

Isn't Elon canceling Don Lemon's twitter contract before the first episode even airs because he doesn't like the questions in the interview the literal opposite of free speech absolutist? - BlackKnight10K

The RNC will be bankrupt by November. - MayoIsSpicyy


  1. Another amazing Time-To-Deflate photo. I put it right up there with the ethereal under-the-white-mushroom photo from several days ago. The color and focus are extraordinary. Keep 'em coming.

  2. According to Toronto Master Gardeners Assoc, this is computer generated and not real. First entry when I searched to see if I could grow it. Wish it was real.