Thursday, March 14, 2024

Manhattan DA asks to delay start of Trump's hush money trial

Manhattan DA asks to delay start of Trump's hush money trial
The Manhattan district attorney's office asked on Thursday for a delay to the start of the trial in the hush money case against Donald Trump, citing newly disclosed evidence from the U.S. attorney's office in Manhattan.
"Specifically, yesterday the USAO produced approximately 31,000 pages of additional records and represented that there will be another production of documents by next week," the district attorney's office said in a motion to the court requesting the delay.

WHAT!? So the NYC Criminal Case v. Trump is delayed b/c the "USAO" - the office run by Merrick Garland - 'declined to provide' docs the Manhattan DA asked for 'more than a year ago' and, now, right b4 the set trial Garland's office turns over 31,000 pages necessitating a delay? - Don Lewis

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

It was a big error in judgment for me to defend Merrick Garland as long as I did. At every crucial moment we learn that he has let us down because he is terrified to appear even minutely partisan. There has never been a greater instance in US history of justice denied by delay. - Ron Filipkowski

Speaker Johnson Is All Mobbed Up With The Russians. Paging Merrick Garland...oh, never mind

If you think it’s bad that the Chinese own tik tok what until you find out who owns Trump. - Noel Casler

Having An Attorney General That Is Asleep At The Switch Is Akin To Handing The USA Over To Russia

Republican Shenanigans

Vanquished House Republicans To Issue Criminal Referrals of Biden and Associates to Merrick Garland
Facing the prospect that they may never be able to impeach President Joe Biden, House Republicans are exploring a pivot to a different strategy: issuing criminal referrals against him and those close to him.

The House Oversight Committee consists mostly of Republicans who desperately need to be investigated by the House Oversight Committee. - Middle Age Riot


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Rock The Voter News

Go Away, Bob Menendez. Just Go Away.

I Wonder If She's A Karen

Now ppl like Joe Scarborough and others got on TV and blamed homeless people for all the petty retail theft in the Bay Area the past 2 yrs and lookie, lookie, it’s a 53 yr old suburban white woman behind a booster ring. - Kenyon Farrow


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Business/Tech News

I will never stop being amazed by the fact that Elon Musk is 1) one of the richest men alive 2) owns a rocket company 3) has hosted SNL 4) had a cameo *as himself* in an Iron Man movie 5) was name-dropped on Star Trek, & is still the most aggressively uncool man in human history. - Caleb Dume

Mnuchin and Tik Tok. What Could Go Wrong?

I'm outraged that Chinese Tech Oligarchs are using TikTok to collect our personal data.

Like the American & Saudi Tech Oligarchs already do. - John Fugelsang

I got about 8 seconds into explaining the Kate Middleton situation to my French husband before he told me, in the Frenchest voice imaginable, "ah yes, that's why we decided not to have those sorts of people anymore." - Janel Comeau


My Take on Kate

Kate Middleton hasn't been seen in public since Christmas Day, 2023 for a reason. On January 17, the palace said the reason was Kate had abdominal surgery and almost two months have passed since then.

If the Queen was alive she would've marched or pushed Kate in a wheelchair out on the balcony to end all this gossip. Why hasn't King Charles or Prince William? 

Either King Charles is inept at public relations or he is hiding Kate for a reason.

My guess is, she had a facelift gone wrong.  


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