Friday, February 2, 2024

'What a F*cking A**hole the Guy Is': Biden Privately Lets Loose on 'Sick F*ck' Donald Trump

'What a F*cking A**hole the Guy Is': Biden Privately Lets Loose on 'Sick F*ck' Donald Trump
President Joe Biden privately speaks of former President Donald Trump in sometimes vulgar terms, according to Thursday’s West Wing Playbook in Politico.
Politico noted that during a speech last month in Pennsylvania, Biden recalled Trump getting chuckles from a crowd when talking about Paul Pelosi, who was attacked by an intruder with a hammer. “What a sick–” Biden told the crowd before stopping himself.

This isn’t news anymore; everyone knows he’s an ass who’ll attack virtually anyone who displeases him. Stop just f**king stop. Every is exhausted with that orange a**hole. - MobBossTrump

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Vladimir Putin ordered Donald Trump and his traitors in Congress to use U.S. immigration reform as an excuse/wedge to stop sending military aid to Ukraine. That's all this is folks, a heist to steal an entire country. - Liam Nissan

Trump Trial Delayed. Sheesh.

CIA Director: Okay, so it’s agreed, we force Taylor & Travis to date, fix a series of NFL games, & then have them come out for Biden at the Super Bowl.

CIA Agent: If we have this much power, why not just throw Trump in jail?


Trump Claims Taylor Swift Was Born in Kenya. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

I keep seeing these stupid opinion pieces asking "How much does he have to be fined before he stops?"
Seriously? After 50 years of this goddamn guy, you're still asking if he's learned his lesson?
Trump isn't going to stop. Ever. Until he lives out his final days in prison. - Stonekettle

Dear God, A Hidden Room At Mar-a-Lago.
Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team questioned multiple witnesses about a closet and a “hidden room” that FBI agents did not enter while executing a search warrant at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in August 2022, according to ABC News.

This ain’t really that hard of a prediction, but here goes…

Trump still has undiscovered secret documents in his possession far worse than anything we’ve learned about so far.  You can de-bank on it! - Tea Pain


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Rock The Voter News

It amuses me that the current epidemic of Taylor Swift Syndrome is going to have MAGA World cheering on the city they otherwise hate the most--liberal and super-gay San Francisco. - Mrs. Betty Bowers

Will Texas Pull A Brexit?


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Business/Tech News

I've analyzed my spending and it turns out my most expensive habits are "eating & having a roof over my head" - The Other 98%


Trump's Beancounter May Spill Those Beans And It Will Be Glorious!

I will dance naked when he is dead. - SarahB



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

When nature has had quite enough of technology.

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