Thursday, February 29, 2024

Supreme Court hands Trump a gift

The US supreme court announced Wednesday evening that it will consider Trump's claim of presidential immunity.

If I were Jack Smith, I'd drop the Ginni Thomas fake elector indictment tonight and totally implode the Supreme Court. Gloves off at this point. - BlackKnight10k

24 yrs ago—Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett & John Roberts were ALL on the legal team that helped Bush steal the presidency from Al Gore

24 yrs later—all 3 are now on the Supreme Court that’s helping to steal the presidency from the American people

Crooks will ALWAYS be crooks. - Lindy Li

GOP Still Playing Footsie With A Government Shutdown

The Supreme Court of the United States just reminded us with this corrupt decision that the insurrection did not fail--it never ended. - Mary L. Trump

Republican Shenanigans

McConnell Says It’s Time to Pass the Torch to a New Generation of Sociopaths. - Andy Borowitz

This CNN Anchor Showed Us How Real Journalism Is Done. He'll Probably Get Fired.

Mike Johnson: What is the point of you? - Stephen King


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Rock The Voter News

Whoever paid off Kavanaugh’s debts sure got a hell of a return on their investment. - Noel Casler

The Land of Lincoln Says, Adios Trump!

Every now and then I think of the quiet dignity of Dr Christine Blasey Ford in contrast to the drunken thuggery of Brett Kavanaugh and I'm reminded all over again how much this country hates women and how much I hate Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Donald Trump. - Lauren Chapin

This was Moscow Mitch's doing.

He's not retiring. He's fleeing the crime scene. - Michael Little

At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if SCOTUS loaned Trump $454.2M. - Poetic Justice


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Business/Tech News

Trump Visits Border to Sell Sneakers to Migrants. = Andy Borowitz

The Most Untapped Real Estate Market Is The Middle Class. Joe Knows.
The Biden administration announced on Thursday that it will take steps to bolster federal programs that produce affordable housing, boost the supply of manufactured homes and promote fairer rental markets.

There is no cavalry coming.  No miracle solution. No saviors. 

In the end, we, the American people - not any of our institutions - have to save our democracy by voting in defense of that democracy this fall. 

We are the cavalry. The responsibility is ours. - Eric Holder, former Attorney General



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Isle of Skye, Scotland. I went to highschool with a brilliant redheaded girl who was a direct descendent of William Wallace. She got a perfect SAT score.


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