Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Kamala Harris robocall pushed Biden voters to turn out in Michigan primary

campaign apparently tapped Vice President Kamala Harris for a robocall ahead of the Michigan primary on Monday, according to a recording...

So the choice for president is:

1) A man who likes ice cream. 


2) A man who likes to rape women. 

Decisions. . . Decisions. . . - Mrs. Betty Bowers

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Dear Muslim friends: I know that Biden has disappointed you but trump wants to deport you. - Captain Obvious

It blows my mind that the entire world is in disarray because some below average dipwad was never told no. - Louise James

Mitch McConnell Will Flee Senate In November
Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) took to the Senate floor Wednesday to formally announce his plans to step down as Republican party leader in November. The longest-serving Senate leader in history turned 82 just last week and spoke in the Senate well about joining the U.S. Senate in 1985 at 42.

Mitch McConnell to Spend More Time Blocking Progress With His Family. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

Does anyone in the media plan on covering how the government is about to shut down but they're spending their time interrogating Hunter Biden in an investigation that was based on disinformation provided by a Russian asset, one who's currently in jail? No? - BlackKnight10K

Trump Has $4 Billion Windfall. Damn.

Remember that the 1974 Supreme Court (although it included 4 Nixon-appointed Justices) produced a quick decision on Nixon's tapes because they knew it was in the national interest.
Why can't the 2024 Supreme Court (includes 3 Trump Justices) do the same on Presidential immunity? - Michael Beschloss


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Rock The Voter News

Biden 81%, Uncommitted 13%.
Trump 68%, Haley 26%.
Todays News:
OH NO! Biden’s in trouble. - Woman in the Moon

Hunter the Hunted Has Something To Say...

Reminder: Bernie was the one who started the claim of "rigged" not Trump in 2016. - Matt Murphy

Have not seen any black people yet with gold Trump sneakers.  Will keep looking and will update you if I see any. - George Conway


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Business/Tech News

A TV show where Letitia James and E. Jean Carroll spin a big wheel to see who gets which Trump properties. I'd watch the sh*t out of that. so would you. - Jeff Tiedrich

Janet Yellen Suggest Bleeding Russia's Assets Dry to Rebuild Ukraine
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Tuesday offered her strongest public support yet for the idea of liquidating roughly $300 billion in frozen Russian Central Bank assets and using them for Ukraine's long-term reconstruction.

Arizona Republicans advance bill legalizing killing migrants on suspicion of trespassing.

What have we become? - TeahCartel


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  1. I agree. The way Monet captures light is to die for. I hadn't seen this one (or I don't remember it, one of the two). Thanks!