Thursday, January 4, 2024

Trump businesses took in nearly $8 million from foreign governments: House Democrats

Trump businesses took in nearly $8 million from foreign governments: House Democrats
Former President Trump took in at least $7.8 million from foreign entities in 20 countries, according to a new report from Democrats on the House Oversight Committee, payments to his various businesses that critics say could violate a constitutional prohibition on accepting funding from foreign governments.

 This is an outrage and Hunter Biden must be punished. - John Fugelsang

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

If you're wondering why there is always a crisis at the Texas border and not New Mexico, Arizona or California. They have Democratic Governors, unlike Texas. - Justin Lewis

GOP Plans To Shut Down Government in 16 Days aka Domestic Terrorism

We live in a very unwell country with many unwell people. - Matt Murphy

Republican Shenanigans

Jeffrey Epstein Died Before Trump Could Appoint Him to Supreme Court. - Andy Borowitz

Separating The Wheat From The Cult

George Santos Fails to Get New Job After Lying on Application. - Andy Borowitz

The news isn’t “fair and balanced” when they treat a rapist and traitor with 91 charges on 4 indictments as a normal presidential candidate. - TheUSASingers


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Rock The Voter News

Trump Blasts Biden For Being Too Sleepy and Old to Get on Epstein’s List. - Andy Borowitz

RFK, Jr. Is As Creepy As Alan Dershowitz

Trump’s threatening E. Jean Carroll today like he wants the case to go from civil… to criminal. - TheAstuteGaloot


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Business/Tech News

Trump pocketed millions of dollars as President. This is the kind of behavior one usually expects from a Supreme Court Justice. - Andy Borowitz

Republicans Are Rejecting Immigration Reform. Again.
Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-Texas) criticized Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) for suggesting on Wednesday that border patrol agents do not want the $14 billion in supplemental funds the Biden administration has requested to help deal with migration at the southern border.

Eric Trump: “If somebody came into one of our hotels while my father was president & they were from a foreign country, a government official from a foreign country - you know what we’d do? We’d donate all the money from that margarita they bought at the bar to the US Treasury.”


  1. Your "Time To Deflate" photos often have me running to do more research and I love that! The Pridrangar lighthouse was built entirely by mountaineers scaling the sheer cliffs again and again. That patch is a very small helipad, but it is rarely used and only by occasional maintenance trips. The building is very small because there is no keeper living there. The light is powered by solar cells and wind turbines. Thank you for giving me the incentive to find out more! 😁

  2. I think it's a trampoline

  3. Does it seem weird to anyone else that the Jeffrey Epstein list was in the news for like one day and then seems to have disappeared completely. I was expecting more. Salivating, actually.