Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Names of more than 150 people connected to Jeffrey Epstein to be unsealed

The names of more than 150 people associated with Jeffrey Epstein could be unsealed as early as today, following a federal judge's ruling in...

Alexander Acosta gave Epstein a deal in 2008: spend just over a year in jail with work-release privileges to resolve the allegations of child rape and sex trafficking. 

Alexander Acosta would go on to serve as Trump’s labor secretary. - Outspoken

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Welcome to 2024, where the House Republicans cannot vote assistance to Ukraine because they will be too busy impeaching President Biden because his son repaid him a loan to buy a truck. - David Frum

Netanyahu's Polls Are Way Worse Than Biden's
Only 15 percent of Israelis want Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stay in his position after the war between Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas, according to a survey released Tuesday.

MAGA “Show me evidence of something everyone saw unfold live on TV” - Tim Hannan

Republican Shenanigans

Just imagine if Joe Biden's name appeared on Jeffrey Epstein's flight logs instead of Donald Trump. 

Then imagine if Jeffrey Epstein died mysteriously while in the care of a DOJ overseen by Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump.

Fox would be on that *every* night. Instead, silence. - Mrs. Betty Bowers

MAGAs OFFENDED By Green Day Lyric Change!
Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong ticked off Donald Trump supporters when he changed the lyrics to the band’s 2004 hit “American Idiot” during a live performance on ABC’s “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” on Sunday night.

Brazil just banned Trump-like Jair Bolsonaro from office for his election lies

Canada & New Zealand declared the Proud Boys a terrorist org

Australia & UK implemented gun reform after mass shootings and haven’t suffered any since

Why is our country so behind everyone else?! - Lindy Li


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Rock The Voter News

Do you know who DIDN'T go to Epstein's island?  President Biden and President Obama. - Michelle

Apparently, Women Are Taking Out Their Own Health Insurance

Before Trump nobody hated scientists, librarians or Mickey Mouse. - Walter Blake


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Business/Tech News

If Musk starts charging for X, my prediction for 2024 is that the platform formerly known as Twitter will become: 

404 Page Not Found. - Deacon Blues

Snoop Dogg and the Olympics!

“the average CEO reads 52 books a year” yeah bc they don’t have a JOB - chase

I hate dealing with fresh garlic. Each individual clove with their little f*cking paperwork. - kate



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

In March 1974, a group of peasants digging a well in drought-parched Shaanxi province in northwest China unearthed fragments of a clay figure—the first evidence of the Terracotta Army from the 3rd century. The bottom photo shows them in their original colors before the sunlight faded the colors.



  1. Oh, Epstein ended himself. He was a rapist and rapists have to be in control. The only control over his situation when he was caught was how long he lived. So, like a coward, he took the easy way out.

    Also: we might have his lists, but he probably had A LOT more information. That info died with him, which was the ultimate middle finger. If you don't believe me, read up on Ariel Castro. Dude offed himself in prison because he was a rapist and a coward without any true control of his situation.

  2. Oh, not the "Big Macs will cost more" hogwash!! They're gonna cost more anyway (not $15) so it oughta be for a better reason than price-gouging this time!
    And, Bebe is hiring Dersh for his case at The Hague?! Well, if you're a quintessential right-wing POS tyrant, you'll need the quintessential right-wing POS attorney. So, the circle-jerk-of-life goes on and on!!