Friday, December 29, 2023

Michael Cohen gave lawyer fraudulent case citations generated by AI

Michael Cohen gave lawyer fraudulent case citations generated by AI
Michael Cohen, former President Trump’s ex-fixer and personal lawyer, said in newly unsealed court filings that he accidentally gave his lawyer fake legal citations concocted by the artificial intelligence program Google Bard.

Interesting mix of mafias in this 2018 video. Michael Cohen is exactly who he was and is, a goombah.

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

‘The Onion’ Stands With Israel Because It Seems Like You Get In Less Trouble For That. - The Onion

I Love Maine
Maine became the second state to deem former President Donald Trump ineligible for the presidency on Thursday less than two weeks after Colorado barred Trump from the state ballot.

Notice how Maine's Secretary of State actually did something instead of just being 'very concerned'?? - Covie

Ron Johnson, Scott Perry, Mike Lee, Lauren Boebert, Marge Sporkfoot, & Ted Cruz should all be kicked out of Congress & disqualified from ever running for office again for being coconspirators in Trump’s failed coup.

Or does the 14th Amendment not count? - USASingers

Republican Shenanigans

I, for one, don't support slavery. 

Both the bible and qur'an do. - FreddieFishFin

Nikki Haley Must Think Trump Is Guilty

Ironically, if Nikki Haley had been around in 1830 she’d be a slave. - Captain Obvious

In 1873, Jefferson Davis, chief of the Confederate insurrection against the United States, told a reporter that Southerners at the end of the Civil War had been "not conquered" but "cheated" of victory. - Michaƫl Beschloss


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Rock The Voter News

Face it news media, if Nikki Haley wasn't a racist we'd be calling her Nimarata Randhawa right now. She can't even be honest about her own heritage. - Liam Nissan

Wisconsin Choked
Wisconsin election officials have declined to review a complaint attempting to remove former President Trump from the state’s primary ballot, citing the 14th Amendment.

Nikki Haley = Donald Trump with better hair. - Andy Borowitz


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Business/Tech News

TRAGIC FACT: The only Confederate flag unfurled inside our nation’s Capitol building was not by a Confederate soldier, but a Trump voter. - Tea Pain

Killer Blenders? What A Time To Be Alive.
About 4.8 million BlendJet portable blenders have been recalled after reports saying the product overheats and may catch fire, as well as having blades break off, which has resulted in injuries.

So, if the Supreme Court rules that a president is immune to prosecution for any crimes while in office, Joe Biden can just call in an airstrike on Mar-a-Lago as soon as the ink is dry on the ruling, right? - brewjew308

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  1. The truth of Jess Phoenix's list is truly self evident.
    I would add News Programing to the things that should not be operated for profit and should instead have some other incentive for factual reporting. This would help the self evident truths in our declaration of independence remain self evident, which is difficult when major news outlets are lying for profit. And could we maybe get the profit out of politics as well. I know. My naivety knows no bounds.