Friday, December 1, 2023

Rep. George Santos expelled from Congress in historic vote

The scandal-plagued New York Republican became the sixth-ever House member to be removed.

Time to tell all and burn the place to the ground, George. - Hamish Mitchell

pro tip: if you can expel George Santos for being a fraud, you can expel Jim Jordan for being an insurrectionist. this isn't f-cking rocket science. - Jeff Tiedrich

Mr. Potato Head Still Preventing Military Promotions

Republican Shenanigans

Florida GOP Chair is accused of rape

His wife founded hate group Moms for Liberty

Boebert groped genitals in front of kids

George Santos won’t resign despite his crimes

Gaetz is being investigated for sex trafficking

ALL claim to embody Christian values

Gimme a f’ing break. - Lindy Li

Ron DeSantis Should Have Worn His White Go-Go Boots!

Gavin Newsom basically took Ron Desantis high heel boots and cut him back down to 5’5 in that debate tonight. - myronjclifton

There's only one conclusion I can come to after that debate last night: DeSantis has a team of consultants who HATE  him. - Rick Wilson

Over 100 House Republicans defied their leadership to expel Santos. Every single member of the House Republican leadership voted to keep Santos in the House. - Ron Filipkowski


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Rock The Voter News

Hey Republicans, you do know Trump is charged with far worse crimes than George Santos, right? - BlackKnight10K

Fetterman Wants To Expel Menendez
Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) was the guest on Friday’s episode of ABC’s The View, which was live as the news broke that the House of Representatives voted to expel now-former Rep. George Santos (R-NY). It was predictable that the hosts would ask Fetterman about Santos, but he was more interested in seeing someone else expelled: fellow Senate Democrat Bob Menendez of New Jersey.


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Business/Tech News

With George Santos expelled a reminder that it was The North Shore Leader, a local, small paper on Long Island, that broke the story of his fraud before election. This is why local media is crucial and must be supported and not ignored. - Olga Lautman

Musk's Tesla Stocks Slide After Cybertruck Launch

Kissinger meets his maker, Trump gets gagged again, homophobic Moms for Liberty founder gets caught in a bisexual throuple, Ron DeSantis gets smoked by Gavin Newsom, and George Santos gets expelled from Congress.

This was one helluva week folks.
10/10 no notes. - JoJoFromJerz



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
A different perspective of the great pyramid of Giza. Is that George Santos?

Best wishes for a wonderful and peaceful weekend, everyone!

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