Wednesday, December 6, 2023

McCarthy is McLeavin'

Rep. Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday he will resign from Congress at the end of this month.

With George Santos, Kevin McCarthy, and Bill Johnson leaving Congress, Republicans will now be down to a 1 seat majority.

Hakeem Jeffries could become Speaker solely because of Republicans’ own dysfunction. - Brian Cohen



The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

1,064 days later and not one single Republican member of Congress has been indicted for their role in January 6.

Not one. - Don Winslow

Dear God, Putin Has Control of the GOP Senate

Y'all acting like Hamas didn't meet with Putin 2 weeks ago. - Mr. Weeks

At a time when some 16,000 Palestinians have been killed in the last 2 months, two-thirds women and children, & 1.8 million displaced from their homes, NO. I don't think it's a good idea to hand another $10 billion to Israel's right-wing extremist government no strings attached. - Sen. Bernie Sanders

Republican Shenanigans

Nancy Pelosi is 25 years older than Kevin McCarthy. 

One continues to be a successful member of Congress. The other is a burnout failure. 

One defended our nation’s Capitol at 80+. The other sold out our democracy for nothing.

Younger does not equate to better. - Kaivon Shroff

Where In The World Is Rudy Giuliani?

Like many, Kevin will never get the stink of Trump off him. - Molly Ploofkins


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Rock The Voter News

He didn't show up at my inauguration, which I can't say was a disappointment. My guess is he won't show up at my next inauguration. - Joe Biden

Evangelical groups in Texas are opposed to sports betting because they fear it will attract an "unsavory element" to their state.

That ship has f-cking sailed. - Middle Age Riot

Deadly Lemonade For Some?
Panera is being sued again after another customer is said to have died after consuming the chain’s caffeinated lemonade.

"Matt Gaetz belongs in jail." - Kevin McCarthy, ruining his reputation by telling the truth. - Middle Age Riot

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