Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Trump Falls Off Forbes List of America’s 400 Wealthiest People After Truth Social's Value Tanks

Trump Falls Off Forbes List of America’s 400 Wealthiest People After Truth Social's Value Tanks
As Donald Trump contends with his legal battles and his 2024 campaign, Forbes has determined that the former president is no longer rich enough to make their list of America’s wealthiest people.

Trump made $2.5B while he was president, more than he's ever made in his life. Yet he just got knocked off the Forbes list and he can't even afford normal rich people sh*t like paying his lawyers and living somewhere nice. 

Where did all that money go? - BlackKnight10K

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

For new, temporary Republican House leaders to take away Speaker Emerita Pelosi's private office, with threat of lockout (while she is in SF helping plan the memorial service for Senator Feinstein), is a disgrace and not the way a great nation like our USA should ever behave. - Michael Beschloss

UPDATE: Kevin McCarthy Kicked Pelosi Out Of Her Office, So He Can Move In. Classy Guy.

Marjorie Greene: Trump For Speaker!

In Last Official Act as Speaker McCarthy Pummels Gaetz with Gavel. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

Today, our trial against Donald Trump and the Trump Organization continues.

Trump engaged in years of financial fraud to enrich himself and his family, and I am confident in the case we are presenting. - NY AG James

The Abusive Christian Cult of Amy Coney Barrett
The FBI has interviewed several individuals who have alleged they were abused by members of the People of Praise (PoP), a secretive Christian sect that counts conservative supreme court justice Amy Coney Barrett as a lifelong member, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The biggest winner from Kevin McCarthy’s ouster today was Amy Coney Barrett

She was exposed for belonging to the Christian cult People of Praise which the FBI is investigating for sex abuse

McCarthy & Gaetz’s combustion buried that damning exposé

Don’t let her get away with it. - Lindy Li

Trump getting gagged, McCarthy getting sh*tcanned — help help, I think I'm overdosing on schadenfreude. - Jeff Tiedrich


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Rock The Voter News

Let’s not kid ourselves: the Speaker’s chair was pretty vacant when Kevin McCarthy was sitting in it. - Adam Schiff

Giuliani Plans To Sue Joe Biden for Calling Him A Russian Pawn
On a day when it was reported that Rudy Giuliani, in throes of unpaid legal bill woes, lost another attorney, the former New York City mayor and lawyer for former President Donald Trump touted a “major announcement” with “far-reaching implications for justice and the rule of law” outside of the Merrimack County Superior Court in Concord, New Hampshire...What was that announcement? Rudy Giuliani plans to sue President Joe Biden for calling him a “Russian pawn” during a 2020 debate.

You know what Karma looks like?

Kevin McCarthy trying to impeach President Biden for no reason at all with sham accusations just like his sham Benghazi campaign against Hillary Clinton and instead he ended up losing his own job. - Ricky Davila



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Business/Tech News

GOP learns the hard way: Turning the base up too high blows out your Speaker. - Lee Drutman

Another Strike Because Workers Are Tired Of Being Underappreciated
On Wednesday, thousands of unionized health care employees walked off the job after failed contract negotiations with their employer, Kaiser Permanente, a company whose business model is distinctive, compared to most health care providers in the United States.

I'm old enough to remember when Kevin McCarthy was making jokes about hitting Speaker Pelosi with the gavel after becoming Speaker, but she got the last laugh, didn't she? - mmpadellan


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