Friday, October 13, 2023

Israel to UN: Northern Gaza Should Evacuate Within 24 Hours

LATEST DEVELOPMENTS: Hamas tells civilians to ignore an Israeli Defense Forces call for 1.1 million civilians to evacuate to northern Gaza...

24 hours? Nobody could evacuate that fast except Josh Hawley. - Liam Nissan

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

No Speaker of the House
No Army Chief
No Chief of Naval Ops
No Head of the Air Force
No Ambassador to Israel, Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait
No Commander of the Fifth Fleet
No one in 300 military roles
No State Dept Coordinator for Counterterrorism

The GOP is decapitating us from within. - Lindy Li

Man Who Started Two Failed Wars, Didn't Heed C.I.A. Warnings About Planes Crashing Into Buildings, Throws In His Two Bits

I’m so f-cking tired of living in unprecedented times. - John Collins

Republican Shenanigans

Republican Intern Named Zach to Be Speaker of the House. - Andy Borowitz

If you see smoke billowing from their private conclave, it doesn’t mean they’ve chosen a Speaker.

It means they’re burning the place down.

Again. - 7Veritas4


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Rock The Voter News

Sen. John Fetterman calls for “every one of my colleagues” to join and expel Sen. Menendez 
“We cannot have an alleged foreign agent in the United States Senate. This is not a close call.”

Supreme Court Opted To Keep Act of God Under Wraps, Until Now.

Democrats: "Menendez should be expelled."

Republicans: "Menendez should be expelled."

Democrats: "Santos should be expelled."

Republicans: "Menendez should be expelled." - Middle Age Riot

George Santos Says If G.O.P. Lets Him Stay in Congress He Will Stop Using Their Credit Cards. - Andy Borowitz


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Business/Tech News

Elon Musk went from being the Henry Ford of our generation (admired carmaker, brilliant salesman) to being the Henry Ford of our generation (conspiracy theorist, Nazi-enabler) - Roman Sheremeta

UAW Trying New Tactics
United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain said in a fiery speech Friday that the union would shift its strike strategy by making its walkout plans less predictable and more financially painful for the Big Three automakers, though he refrained from expanding the work stoppage.

Why we'll never stop calling it Twitter:

"I saw a tweet the other day" is descriptive and brand-accurate.  

"I saw an X the other day" sounds like you ran into that batch who cheated on you.  

"I tweeted" makes sense.

"I x'ed" sounds like you're having a stroke. - StrictlyChristo



Deep apologies for any humor inconvenience yesterday. It was a whirlwind day starting out with no power and ending with a dilated eye exam, unable to read anything, much less my laptop, to notify y'all.


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