Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Trump Posts He Will Indicted At 5 P.M.

Trump Posts He Will Indicted At 5 P.M.
...I hear that Deranged Jack Smith, in order to interfere with the Presidential Election of 2024, will be putting out yet another Fake Indictment of your favorite President, me, at 5:00 P.M. Why didn’t they do this 2.5 years ago? Why did they wait so long? Because they wanted to put it right in the middle of my campaign. Prosecutorial Misconduct!

Know who isn't getting indicted again? the email lady. - Jeff Tiedrich

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Biden is keeping Space Command in Colorado, undoing Trump's order to have the base relocated to Alabama.

Tuberville f'd around with the military and found out. - BlackKnight10K tweet

You’ll always remember where you were when Donald Trump was indicted for the third time. - Rex Huppke tweet

Wow, I Agree With A Conservative.

Republican Shenanigans

Trump Promises Donors Not to Spend Any of His Forty Million Dollar Defense Fund on Giuliani. - Andy Borowitz

I Wonder If Trump Ever Regrets Not Giving Michael Cohen A Position When He Was Elected in 2016


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Rock The Voter News

With all the scandals surrounding Hunter Biden, I’ve decided to not vote for him and will vote for Joe Biden. - Captain Obvious tweet

One Less Lawsuit For Trump
A Pennsylvania state judge ruled Monday that an election worker cannot sue former President Trump over statements he made sowing doubt in the 2020 election results while in office, finding the statements are protected by presidential immunity.

The Hunter Biden hearing with Devon Archer totally backfired on Republicans. Archer said there were no bribes taken, Joe Biden wasn’t involved at all and that the lies Republicans have spread are not true.

Every Hunter Biden hearing has made the Republicans look ridiculous. - Harry Sisson tweet


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Business/Tech News

I'm pretty sure Elon is going to clone himself, fall in love with himself, and move to Mars. - Christopher David

Quick, Buy A Drone Before They're All Gone!

“I'm not offended by jokes about stupid blondes because I know I'm not stupid and I'm not really blonde either.” - Dolly Parton



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