Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Republicans are talking up the possibility of impeaching Biden. Is it what voters want to hear?

Bill Mehlem recalls a time when his politics generally aligned with conservatives, enthusiastically backing Republicans such as John McCain during his 2008 presidential campaign.

They have to impeach Biden or else people will realize they didn’t find anything in their investigations. - Josh Marshall

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Christian Nationalism is just White Supremacy in Bible drag. - Mrs. Betty Bowers

Alabama Brawl. Crackers Lost.

Trump’s Lawyers Employ Rarely Used “Just Kidding” Defense. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

Don’t ever think that Chris Christie is a hero for talking out about Donald. He was stuck so far up Donald ass trying to get a job but Donald didn’t hire him. This is why he’s doing it. He damn near ruined Jersey when he was governor. Imagine what he could do to the country. - gggirl924 tweet

Bill Maher Caught The Dennis Miller Disease
Political satirist Bill Maher dropped his take on “Barbie” this week in a lengthy rant on Twitter slamming the film for perpetuating what he called the “Zombie Lie” that the patriarchy is still suppressing women.

Considering the nature of Trump’s indictments and 78 felony charges, it’s a wee bit f*cked up that he’s free to host a LIV golf tournament with the Saudis at Bedminster this weekend. - Hamish Mitchell

I just heard someone say that they aren’t indicating trump in the middle of his campaign, he’s campaigning in the middle of their indictments. - JoJofromJerz

DeSantis Shakes Up Campaign By Replacing Self With Appealing Person. - Andy Borowitz


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Rock The Voter News

Trump Says His First Amendment Rights Are Being Violated According to Original Copy of Bill of Rights In Mar-a-Lago Bathroom. - Andy Borowitz

This Great Military Strategist Has Something To Say
Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has been making the media rounds this week, and despite denying that he’s a politician, he has a lot of involvement and opinions about politics. One such opinion is that the United States should stop sending money to Ukraine because it “can’t win.”

If men could get pregnant, the Plan B pill would be available in ranch, bar-b-que, and xtreme nacho. - Middle Age Riot


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Business/Tech News

I’ve got Trump fatigue. America has Trump fatigue. The world has Trump fatigue. Lock the f-cking grifter up already. - Paul May

Another GOP Christian Politician Caught Lying
Rep. Carolina Amesty, who touted her success as a business owner and educator in her campaign for the Florida House last year, filed false information with the state about her family’s small Christian university, claimed to run a thriving restaurant that actually was closed and failed to ensure taxes were paid on the $1.3 million home she lived in, an Orlando Sentinel investigation found.

Being in my twenties in the seventies was a lot better than being in my seventies in the twenties. - Bob Golen


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