Thursday, August 31, 2023

Gov. Kemp Soundly Rejects MAGA Legislator's Push to Oust Fani Willis in Fiery Presser: 'We Will Not Be Engaging in Political Theater'

Gov. Kemp Soundly Rejects MAGA Legislator's Push to Oust Fani Willis in Fiery Presser: 'We Will Not Be Engaging in Political Theater'
During what was called a “remarkable press conference” by local reporters, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) slapped down any suggestion of holding a special legislative session to oust District Attorney Fani Willis, as proposed by right-wing state Senator Colton Moore.

The bottom line is that in the state of Georgia, as long as I'm governor, we're going to follow the law and the Constitution. - Gov. Brian Kemp

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

TRUMP:  “How could he break into my Twitter account…what could be possibly find out?”

JACK SMITH:  I’ll tell you…in March.

Alabama AG Is Gonna Make A Bunch of Enemies
Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall (R) argued in a court filing Wednesday that he can file criminal charges against people who assist those getting abortion care outside the state.

I despise the man, but the fact that the Republican Party will continue to put Mitch McConnell out there day after day when he’s so clearly not well is reprehensible and extremely on brand for them at the same time. - JoJoFromJerz

Shrewd stock promoter that he is, Vivek Ramaswamy surveyed the political marketplace and thought: "I wonder if Donald Trump's mistake here was actually *under-estimating* the ignorance and gullibility of the Republican primary electorate?" - David Frum

Is Clarence Thomas Getting Nervous About His Uncovered Freebies?
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has released his first financial disclosure form since his friendship with Harlan Crow was thrown into the national spotlight. The form shows at least three new instances of Thomas receiving generosities from the Republican megadonor who appears to have been his benefactor the last few years.

I say we start a Go Fund Me and buy Clarence Thomas back. - Liam Nissan

It cracks me up that republicans think we’re trying to prevent trump from being the nominee. 

Like, no. By all means. Please pick the loseriest loser in all of politics! I’d love nothing more than to hand him his ass again. -  MuellerSheWrote


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Rock The Voter News

I honestly feel awful for @LeaderMcConnell.  You don’t want to see anyone go through this. Let alone in front of the world. - Bakari Sellers

Fetterman Praises Biden On Marijuana Decision

I think it’d be cruel and unusual to put Donald Trump in jail.

Imagine those poor inmates who have to listen to his whining 24x7? - Captain Obvious


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Business/Tech News

BREAKING: President Joe Biden has not waived his upcoming arraignment because he has no upcoming arraignments because he has not been indicted four times on 91 state and federal charges - Rex Huppke

Biden Has Been Busy, First Marijuana, Now Guns

Great news: Judge Scott McAfee who is presiding over Donald Trump & his 18 co-defendants’ trial just announced there WILL be a YouTube live stream for ALL the hearings & trials related to the Trump case in Georgia. Transparency matters. This is exactly how it should be. Bravo. - Victor Shi



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
NASA’s James Webb Telescope captures the clearest image ever of the Whirlpool Galaxy.


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