Thursday, July 20, 2023

Brutal New Poll Shows Trump Losing Big to Biden, Even With Third Party Spoiler

Brutal New Poll Shows Trump Losing Big to Biden, Even With Third Party Spoiler
... In the national survey of 910 voters, 47% of voters said they would definitely or probably support Biden, while just 40% said they would back Trump.

Hey Republicans:

Is a rapist who's been impeached twice and indicted twice *SO FAR* the best you guys can do for a Presidential nominee?

Really???? - mmpadellan tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

We live in a time when a Judge was forced to state this:
"Hush money paid to an adult film star is not related to a President’s official acts."  
-U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein 

Trump Thinks He's Tony Soprano
Ex-President Donald Trump threatened it would be “very dangerous” if he were jailed over the new charges he’s likely facing, citing the “passion” of his fan base...Trump has ranted about the charges in various public forums, and it did not take long for him to raise the specter of violence that his supporters resorted to after he incited them on January 6.

I love how they found a bunch of stolen Middle Eastern antiquities in Mar-a-lago. - Liam Nissan tweet

Republican Shenanigans

Trump Truth Social post: “If you f*ck around with us, if you do something bad to us, we are going to do things to you that have never been done before.”

Uh, Oh, MTG, Revenge Porn Is Illegal In D.C. 
In her desperation to prove wrongdoing by Hunter Biden, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene may have sent his nude photos to minors...To support her argument, she held up poster-size prints of Biden’s nude photos, which were taken off his laptop. Not only were her actions wildly inappropriate—Oversight Chair James Comer did not reprimand her, though—but she may also have violated D.C. revenge porn law.

I bet if we tried really f*cking hard we could find a reason to investigate Trump's children. - Kona Lowell tweet

Donald Trump STILL refuses to return stolen classified intel and Greene is showing us the penis of the President's son?! What kind of sick f-cks vote for these imbeciles?!  Hello. Insurrection department. Greene asked for a preemptive pardon.
Enough is enough. Holy sh*t. - smc429 tweet


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Rock The Voter News

If Republican’s only hope is Hunter Biden and a national ban on abortion, then they don’t have a chance in 2024. - KevinSixx13 tweet

How Will Florida Students Pass College Entrance Exams?


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Business/Tech News

Random American mother: I work two jobs to feed my family. I can't afford therapy for my son who survived a mass shooting. It's the hottest day on record. The UPS truck I work in has no AC. Please help me.

GOP Congressman: Urgent! The Barbie movie is gay and Ken transed my wife. - Ben Collins tweet

Texas Causes PTSD To Women In Need Of An Abortion

The military spends, on average, $41.6 million on Viagra prescriptions each year. 

If God intended for that woman to carry her baby full term - He intended for those dudes to have limp penises. - LanceUSA70 tweet

Watching cable news and it’s all Trump all the time. The more bad things Trump does, the more news he generates, the more attention he gets, the more his followers are energized and the more his GOP rivals disappear from sight.  Is there any way to break the cycle? - Max Boot tweet



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Glowing Neil Armstrong, back in lunar module after making first moonwalk of any human being, today in 1969. I raced home from my summer job at the mall to watch this incredible moment in history.


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