Wednesday, July 19, 2023

‘A Fool, Or a Great American Patriot’: Trump Hilariously Describes Anyone Willing to Be His Lawyer

‘A Fool, Or a Great American Patriot’: Trump Hilariously Describes Anyone Willing to Be His Lawyer
Former President Donald Trump posted a screed on Wednesday about how he views his lawyers are treated poorly by the left. The post, while effectively airing his grievance, was also unintentionally very amusing.
“These vicious Communists, Marxists, Fascists, and Radical Left Democrats have attacked my lawyers at a level never seen before, and yet I keep on winning. Any attorney that represents me is either a fool, or a Great American Patriot that History will love and cherish!” Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform.

Police Baffled As To Who Threw Ketchup At DOJ Building. - Andy Borowitz

Being able to ask a judge that you appointed to delay your trial for stealing classified and top-secret documents so that you can run for an office that you also tried to steal is not “political persecution.” It’s the DEFINITION of social, political, and economic PRIVILEGE. - Andrew Wortman tweet

Liberals Divided Over Which Trump Indictment is Their Favorite. - Andy Borowitz

Hey, Let's Throw UFO's Into The Mix!

Republican Shenanigans

Judge Michael Luttig on Trump and Jan. 6: "There is not an Attorney General or Special Counsel of either party who would not bring charges....He has dared, taunted, provoked and goaded DOJ to prosecute him for his offenses on and relating to January 6."

Matt Gaetz Wants To Defund Jack Smith. LOL.

I wish Kevin McCarthy protected children from gun violence as much as he protected Donald Trump from possible prison time. - John Burrows tweet

Marjorie Taylor Greene is waving around Hunter Biden nudes on the House floor right now

She called Jack Smith a weak little bitch

She called Boebert “a little bitch”

This is the hyena Kevin McCarthy pledged his loyalty to

This is the ugly trash he said he “would never leave” - Lindy Li tweet


Click here to meet C.W.


Rock The Voter News

Remember when Trump called Doug Ducey while he was certifying the election results and Ducey ignored the call? 

Jack Smith remembers. - adgirlMM tweet

This Little Missy Is Getting Too Big For Her Britches

Who else remembers when Lauren Boebert tried to have Nancy Pelosi killed by tweeting out her location during the deadly insurrection? - MayoIsSpicyy tweet

Hearing disturbing rumors that some of these protestors on the picket line are professional actors. - lolennui tweet

Well, At Least Someone Is Concerned About Clean Energy
Fervo Energy says it has achieved a breakthrough in geothermal technology. It carried out a 30-day well test at its site in northern Nevada and says it was able to achieve a "flowrate of 63 liters per second at high temperature that enables 3.5 megawatts of electric production." The company says the test resulted in flow and power output records for an enhanced geothermal system (EGS) and that it was completed without incident.

I’m just glad he no longer has the nuclear codes. - John Collins tweet



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Yesterday, a man in Rome did what all of us would want to do in this horrible heat.


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  1. Well, public fountains and pools used to be for horses to drink out of or people to get water for their homes. Might want to know more about the current filtration or purity though