Monday, May 15, 2023

Biden says he’ll meet with McCarthy on Tuesday to talk debt ceiling

Biden says he’ll meet with McCarthy on Tuesday to talk debt ceiling
President Biden told reporters that he is meeting with Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on Tuesday to resume talks about the debt limit and avoiding a default.

They didn't produce a budget. What they did was produce a ransom note. That's what the 'default on America act' is. And effectively, what they're saying to the people is either you accept these dramatic cuts or accept a catastrophic default. - Speaker Hakeem Jeffries

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Donald Trump said he would issue pardons to people who stormed the US Capitol, and no one batted an eye. - Tim Hannan tweet

This Sorta Sounds Significant. FBI Raids Trump Tower Condos Owned By Russians.

If a black marine had choked and killed a white guy on the subway would republicans be fundraising for the killer? - JCrongeyer tweet

Republican Shenanigans

The Morning After pill should be available by mail in every single corner of this country that Viagra ships to. - lanechanged tweet

Friendly reminder as we get into hotter weather: she's not dressed like a slut, you just think like a rapist. - Mohamad Safa tweet

The groomers aren’t in our schools.

They are in the churches. - John Collins

Mexican Ambassador Calls Out Racist Republican Senator

Donald Trump's tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy are responsible for a QUARTER OF OUR NATION'S ENTIRE DEBT and Republicans want to cut YOUR social security to pay for it, and that's what this debt ceiling bullsh*t is all about. f-ing unacceptable. - Jeff Tiedrich

It Is Terrifying Watching DeSantis Erase History Taught In Public Schools
Eliminating references in some Florida social-studies textbooks about social justice and the death of George Floyd has teachers concerned the state is doing a disservice to students, who — in learning about such issues — can understand history in real-time lessons that they can relate to.

Steve Bannon: Trump’s your daddy. He owns you right now.


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If you’re ever wondering why the next 40 years are sucking, remember a former game show host convicted for sexual assault appointed one third of the Supreme Court. - Zack Bornstein tweet

Fox News MAD Biden Spoke To Black People
Fox News was not happy with President Joe Biden’s commencement address to Howard University, which one Fox host called “pandering” and led another to declare America the “least racist country in the world.”

Earth is orbiting a star at 18.64 miles per second (30 km/s), that star is orbiting the center of the galaxy at 155.34 miles per second (250 km/s), and that galaxy is moving through the universe at a rate of 372.82 miles per second (600 km/s). Isn't that mind-boggling? - J.T. Aquin tweet


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