Friday, May 12, 2023

Anderson Cooper Blasted for ‘Gaslighting’ Viewers in Defense of CNN Trump Town Hall

Anderson Cooper Blasted for ‘Gaslighting’ Viewers in Defense of CNN Trump Town Hall
...But just like the event itself, Cooper provoked far more criticism than agreement. Cooper, one critic said, acted like “a gaslighting scold.” And the event, another said, is “a desperate ploy for ratings by a network in crisis.” Oops.

I did not imagine CNN would double down by condescendingly lecturing its audience that actually the Trump town hall was very important and good, and you just don't *understand* because you're not on the TV. - Max Burns tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

CNN: We gave Donald Trump a platform to show you it could happen again.

America: You and MSM giving him a platform is how it happened the first time. - 7Veritas4 tweet

CNN Is In Denial Mode

Donald Trump will continue to commit crimes & destroy democracy until Jack Smith locks that traitor up for good.

Jack, America is tattered and tired, please hurry up. - TheUSASingers tweet

Republican Shenanigans

Republicans have gone from Abraham Lincoln to Richard Nixon to George Santos. No wonder they don’t believe in evolution. - Andy Borowitz

Two customers at an Orlando location of the grocery chain Publix wanted a cake for an event they were holding late last month celebrating and supporting the transgender community...But the bakery worker taking the order hesitated. "After a loooooong waiting period a manager comes up & looks me - a Trans Non-binary person dead in the eyes and says, 'yeah, we can't write that we aren't allowed to take stance either ways on this issue,'"...

Mexico Would Be Eating Cat Food Without The US. - Sen. Kennedy (R-LA)

If CNN had wanted to behave responsibly, they would've asked Jon Stewart to interview Trump. They also would've gotten much better ratings. - Paul Rudnick tweet

Remember how on Monday Rachel Maddow mentioned that Eric Trump was scheduled to hold an event with ardent antisemitic Hitler stans, then Eric Trump ran crying to Twitter to threaten to sue her.
Welp. Eric Trump has now canceled his appearance at the Nazi love fest. womp…womp.. - Hadley Sheley tweet

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Returns To The Senate Floor

As for Trump’s town hall, it’s unheard of for a network to give so much airtime to a sexual abuser who’s not being confirmed for the Supreme Court. - Andy Borowitz


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Business/Tech News

Disturbing news about the woman hired to work for Elon as CEO of Twitter: she willingly accepted a job to work for Elon as CEO of Twitter. - Frank Conniff tweet

Another Week, Another Tesla Recall, This Time By China.

A nation is not defeated until the hearts of its women are on the ground. -- Cheyenne proverb



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