Thursday, April 20, 2023

Durbin invites Chief Justice John Roberts to testify on Supreme Court ethics before a Senate committee

Senate Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin has requested that Chief Justice John Roberts or "another Justice whom you designate" appear before...

We are still dealing with a cleanup on aisle 45. - John Collins tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

BREAKING: Mike Lindell’s bank account. - Windsor Mann tweet

I'm So Old I Remember Gretchen Carlson's Crazed Coverage of the Obama's Fist Bump.
Ex-Fox News host Gretchen Carlson told CNN’s Anderson Cooper she wanted Dominion to hold out for an apology in the blockbuster suit that ended in a substantial financial settlement almost 40 times larger than the one she received from Fox News.

Never forget, all it took was 3 children’s deaths and lawn darts were banned. 
That’s because the GOP isn’t bought & owned by the National Lawn Dart Association. - Tracey DeLaney tweet

Republican Shenanigans

If only property insurance would follow the trajectory of DeSantis' campaign. - Nikki Fried, Chairwoman of Florida Democratic Party

I Suspect A Disgruntled Florida Employee
Florida residents were subjected to a rude awakening in the wee hours of Thursday morning, as smartphones across the state lit up with a predawn emergency alert that officials say was sent “in error.”

Florida governor Ron DeSantis is at war with “woke” but has NO PROBLEMS with his emergency management agency waking up the entire damn state with an emergency broadcast system test before 5 AM.

Nobody in history woke more Floridians up than Ron DeSantis did today. - Grant Stern tweet


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Rock The Voter News

Democrats make me proud to be American.

Republicans make me embarrassed to be human. - TheUSASingers tweet

Senate Keeps Abortion Services For Veterans
The Senate rejected a Republican effort on Wednesday to reverse a Department of Veterans Affairs policy that has expanded some abortion services to veterans, a victory for President Joe Biden and Democrats who say the services are necessary medical care.

No no! Denying women the right to abortion, overturning the FDA’s approval of the pill, Mifepristone. Judges can’t stop us, the SCOTUS can’t stop us. And Clarence Thomas needs to clean up his own house and not mess around in our house. Women will win this fight! - Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)


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Elon’s day so far..

- Biggest rocket ever blows up bigly

- Tesla stock plummets 10%

- Microsoft ditches Twitter from Microsoft Advertising. - Scottcrates tweet

Business/Tech News

SpaceX Launch More Successful Than Twitter. - Andy Borowitz

LOL. DeSantis Picked The Wrong Mouse To Fight
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' new oversight board has discovered another "11th hour agreement" that allows Walt Disney Co to set its own utility rates at its Orlando theme parks, the board's chairman said on Wednesday.

Need some good news? Republican Rep. Scotty Campbell, the f*ckface who voted to expel the Tennessee Three and who also sexually harassed his interns has now RESIGNED. - Jeff Tiedrich

A study conducted on Swedish jackpot lottery winners found that men were more likely to get married after winning, while women were more likely to get divorced. - UberFacts tweet


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