Thursday, November 10, 2022

Trump Under Fire From Within GOP After Midterms

Donald Trump faced unusual public attacks from across the Republican Party on Wednesday after a string of midterm losses by candidates he had handpicked and supported, a display of weakness as he prepared to announce a third presidential campaign as soon as next week.

On the Steven Crowder Show, Arizona Republican Kari Lake attacks Gov. Ron DeSantis, stating that he is part of a conspiracy to slow-roll her election results and that he is trying to paint Trump Republicans as unable to win elections.

They're imploding. - Travis Akers tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Ron DeSantis is just Trump without the dementia. - duty2warn tweet

I Told You They Want To Kill Us
A southwest Ohio man was killed by a neighbor who “thought he was a Democrat,” according to the victim’s shocked widow.

Republicans are out here screaming about raising the voting age to 21 because Gen Z is voting Democratic and "the brain doesn't develop until age 25" but then they immediately say 18 years old should have free access to AR-15 assault rifles because freedumb.  - Liam Nissan

Republican Shenanigans

Who else isn’t surprised that Donald Trump is publicly blackmailing Ron DeSantis? - Mayo tweet

Maybe CNN's Ratings Would Improve If They Hired Credible Journalists, Instead Of This Fool.
CNN politics reporter and Editor-at-large Chris Cillizza told viewers he has long pointed out that former President Donald Trump’s political record is mostly losses — on the heels of a pre-election commentary explaining “Why the midterms are going to be great for Donald Trump.”...On Thursday morning’s edition of CNN Newsroom, Cillizza got in on the action despite his pre-election prediction that ” the midterms are going to be great for Donald Trump,” telling co-anchors Erica Hill and Jim Sciutto he’s been trying l like hell to get people to realize Trump is a habitual loser

Uh, Oh, Rupert Murdoch's Newspaper Turned On Trump

Rupert Murdoch has had just about enough of Donald Trump's bullsh*t. pass the popcorn and enjoy the clusterf*ck that's about to unfold. - Jeff Tiedrich

Well, since Hershel is a man of God, maybe a bible quiz. Can't see either side having a problem with "two" Christian men putting their money where their mouth is, right Hershel? - HaliMc13 tweet


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Rock The Voter News

I don’t know about you, but the pushback on extremism makes me feel calmer, more optimistic, even if House Republicans take power and overreach by launching a sour flood of show trials. - Steven Beschloss tweet

Michelle Obama & Stephen Colbert! You Know She Will Say Something Memorable and Sassy.

I  dare, nay, I double-dare, actually to hell with it, I triple-dog-dare a mainstream newspaper, magazine, or news outlet to do a big feature on asking Republican elites to venture into urban & Rust Belt diners to ask average Americans why they voted Democrat in the 2022 election. - Wajahat Ali tweet


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Business/Tech News

Weird how inflation is dropping while Democrats are still in power. - John Collins tweet

I think I liked Twitter better in the pre-Musk days. Less controversy, more fun. - Stephen King tweet

The New Owner Of Twitter Is Panicking, Unaware He Caused The Problems.

Young people saved this country from old people pretending to protect young people. - Jeremy Newberger


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