Tuesday, November 29, 2022

A blitz of GOP-led House panel probes is on the way

House Republicans are promising aggressive oversight of the Biden administration once they assume the majority next year.

What if MTG is making deals so she becomes speaker? She is the most powerful person in the GOP next to trump. - Sandi Bachom tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Trump says he is the chosen one. DeSantis believes God made him on the 8th day and  Kanye says he is a God.
Instead of worrying about Biden's age, the media should be asking about the mental health of these GOP candidates. - Covie tweet

Special Counsel Jack Smith Is A Busy Man
Federal prosecutors on Tuesday, under the direction of newly appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith, argued to the 11th Circuit Court that they should immediately shut down the Special Master process created by Judge Aileen Cannon.

If you think Special Counsel Jack Smith’s wife making a documentary for Michelle Obama is outrageous, wait until you hear about the wife of a Supreme Court Justice who tried to overthrow the United States government. - JoJoFromJerz tweet

President Biden condemns Nazis. Trump has dinner with them. - Henry Sisson tweet

Republican Shenanigans

Donald Trump and Kanye West running for President. Mike Lindell for RNC Chair. 

Looking good, Republicans. - Ron Shillman tweet

Mike Pence Sounds So Forceful Unlike The Weenie He Is!
Former Vice President Mike Pence called on his former boss, Donald Trump, to apologize on Monday as GOP backlash to the former president’s dinner with anti-Semitism-spewing rapper Kanye West and neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes continues to grow.

New York Times buried Trump’s dinner with Fuentes on page 20

CBS pushes Rudy Giuliani’s conspiracy theories

CNN does puff pieces on Casey DeSantis & town halls for Mike Pence

Tucker Carlson incites violence

The media is abetting fascism and laughing all the way to the bank, - Lindy Li  tweet


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Rock The Voter News

More importantly, @NBCNews @CBSNews @ABC @nytimes @washingtonpost @CNN. Why is Musk’s extremism and authoritarian-curious bent not getting more coverage. His brand is clearly toxic to advertisers. - Alexander S. Vindman tweet

Will The U.S. or Iran Win?

Musk is about a hundred tweets away from a 3AM post that he's going to buy Coca-Cola and put the cocaine back in. - RSchooley tweet


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Business/Tech News

It's like Biff bought twitter and now we're all stuck in "Back to the Future Part II." - Jane of the North tweet

Brett Favre Is Another Weenie!

Just threw my back out scrolling down to select my birth year. - Kellalena tweet


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