Friday, September 23, 2022

Support from women boosts Biden to another year-high approval rating: poll

Support from women boosts Biden to another year-high approval rating: poll
President Biden’s approval rating has hit a year-high in the third poll this week, driven largely by an increase in support from female voters.
An Emerson College poll released Friday found 45 percent of voters said they approve of Biden’s performance, a 3-point increase since last month, while 49 percent disapprove, a two-point decrease.

Turns out the people committing the biggest welfare fraud weren’t the Black moms with kids. Not even close. - George Takei

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump Republicans

Don’t you think Ginni Thomas should be grilled under oath and on TV just like Anita Hill? - Billy Baldwin

Putin's Puppet

Lock Them Up!

Republican Shenanigans

Trump Says The Power of His Thinking Is So Scary That He Uses It Sparingly. - Andy Borowitz

Gaetz Gets A Pass, For Now.

The problem with DOJ’s approach to the Gaetz case is you don’t cooperate a horrible person like Joel Greenberg *unless and until* you know for sure you can and will rely on his testimony. To flip Greenberg and decide later that he’s unusable is atrocious prosecutorial practice. - Elie Honig

In fairness - 
Matt Gaetz, 
who is totally innocent of 
sex trafficking of minors, 
tried to get a pardon 
for his sex trafficking of minors. - John Fugelsang

I can’t stop thinking about how evil it is what Brett Favre did. A wealthy, famous white man - from a state with an unparalleled history of racialized poverty - steals welfare dollars from its poorest people. Truly super villain sh*t. - Justin Cohen

DeSantis Has Some Splaining To Do
The air charter company Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration hired for his migrant-moving program has contributed big money to some top allies of the governor and was once legally represented by Rep. Matt Gaetz and his former partner, who is now Florida's “public safety czar” in charge of immigration policy.

Melania Wishes She Could Get Divorce Just By Thinking About It. - Andy Borowitz

Matt Gaetz is everything Republicans are looking for in Hunter Biden. - Andrea Junker


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DONALD TRUMP: "There's so much crime in New York!"

LETITIA JAMES: "But enough about you." - Mrs. Betty Bowers

Will Facebook Reinstate Trump?
Donald Trump could be back to his old social media antics in just a few months. The two-year ban, barring the former poster-in-chief from Facebook, expires at the beginning of 2023. And Meta, Facebook’s parent company, hasn’t revealed whether it’ll be extending Trump’s virtual exile.

Allowing Donald Trump back on Facebook is like surgically implanting cancer. - Middle Age Riot


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