Monday, September 26, 2022

Sen. Mike Lee Says It’s ‘Overreach’ to Arrest Man Accused of Assaulting Elderly Planned Parenthood Escort

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) accused the Justice Department of “overreach” after federal authorities arrested an anti-abortion protester for allegedly assaulting an elderly Planned

We will see this election through Roe-colored glasses. - Randi Mayem Singer

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump Republicans

Millions of Russian Draftees Complain of Bone Spurs.  - Andy Borowitz

Russian men running for the hills while Iranian women call for the death of the dictator is the most profound contrast. - Paul Massaro

Biden Has Got Florida's Back 

Republican Shenanigans

I am so f*cking here for Letitia James and Judge Dearie using Donald Trump for a chew toy. more please. - Jeff Tiedrich

Michael Cohen Is Selling T-Shirts For $30

When people say, “Trump must be smart—look how long he’s stayed out of prison,” I respond, “I don’t call that smart. I call that being a rich white man.” - Andy Borowitz

Mark Meadows is going to roll over on Trump faster than Melania. - Mayo tweet


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Trump said NYT reporter Maggie Haberman was like his "psychiatrist.” “I love being with her, she's like my psychiatrist.”
If that’s true, “Dr.” Haberman has failed in her duty to warn the country that her patient was very, very dangerous. - duty2warn tweet

What Happens When Your Mother Is In A Cult...
Denver Riggleman, a former GOP lawmaker from Virginia and House Jan. 6 committee aide, wrote in his forthcoming book that his mom texted him saying she was “sorry you were ever elected” after the then-Republican lawmaker went on CNN to condemn QAnon.

NEVER FORGET: Senators Lindsey Graham, Rick Scott, Ron Johnson, Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney & OTHERS have all gone on record saying they want to cut YOUR Social Security. - Peter Morely tweet


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Business/Tech News

JUST IN: Trump used his Sharpie to move Hurricane Ian away from Mar-a-Lago. - NotHoodlum tweet

No Chinese Online Gambling In Philippines

Nothing teaches you patience like slow internet connection. - ruuuuuuusa tweet


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