Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Hurricane Ian's "extremely dangerous" eyewall moves onshore in southwest Florida

Hurricane Ian's "extremely dangerous" eyewall moves onshore in southwest Florida
Hurricane Ian's "extremely dangerous" eyewall was moving onshore in southwest Florida late Wednesday morning, just hours after it grew into a Category 4 storm. It was packing sustained winds of 155 mph — making it just shy of a Category 5 hurricane, which is the most powerful storm possible.

My heart breaks for all those in the path of this monster hurricane.

When the hurricane hits Florida, federal aid will flow into help — paid for by tax dollars from Americans across the country. Airplanes will be full of supplies, not stunts. There will be no "us" and "them." Because this is how America should act, and most Americans know it. - Dan Rather

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump Republicans

Thank God we don't have a president who will try to fight a hurricane with nukes or paper towels. - TrendingLiberal tweet

DeSantis Appointee Resigns Due To KKK Ties, In Other Words, He Got Caught.

I will never get used to the casual cruelty of the MAGA GOP.  It takes your breath away. - Victoria Brownworth

Republican Shenanigans

I don’t know what’s worse - that Lara Trump did this to her child, or that she filmed it and then posted it as some sort of brag. - JoJoFromJerz tweet

John McCain Approved

I’m not a journalist, so I can’t say whether Maggie Haberman is doing her job appropriately.

I am a lawyer, though, so I can say her failure to report Trump’s felonies upon discovering them — saving them for her book instead — appears to be misprision, which is itself a felony. - Tristan Snell

Vote for Democrats: because you don't know the name of Biden's lawyer. And none of his lawyers have ever been to prison. - BlackKnight10K tweet

Fox News & Lou Dobbs Hit With Defamation Suit

Still waiting for the media to cover Donald J. Trump's stolen documents in any way close to how they covered Hillary Clinton's emails. - ethanpersists tweet


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Business/Tech News

Engineer: Wow, that train is fast.
Elon Musk, tears forming in his eyes: My imaginary one is faster. - xaviersonline tweet

Saudis & Fox Are Sitting In A Tree -- K - I - S - S - I - N - G
LIV Golf is nearing a deal to purchase air time for its tournaments on U.S. cable television, multiple sources have told Golfweek. The potential agreement — which is still being finalized — is with Fox Sports 1.

All I can say is thank God Biden is POTUS, because if it was a Blue State fighting material disaster and there was a Republican POTUS, there would be no funds. - Woman In The Moon tweet

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