Wednesday, November 10, 2021

'Presidents are not kings': Judge rejects Trump's bid for Jan. 6 secrecy

'Presidents are not kings': Judge rejects Trump's bid for Jan. 6 secrecy
Donald Trump didn't just lose his case demanding secrecy for his Jan. 6 materials, he did so in dramatic fashion.

I am so tired of the sociopaths in positions of power. - Mary Trump

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

This Rittenhouse trial is just payback for OJ huh. - BlackKnight10K

LOL. Ivanka & Don Jr.'s Asses Soon Won't Be Entitled Anymore.
Donald Trump’s expanding legal worries stemming from investigations in New York and Scotland have received much attention in recent months. But one Trump case, in which his 2016 inauguration committee and the Trump Organization were accused of a million-dollar grift, has been proceeding for almost two years without drawing much notice, and this week, a judge issued a major ruling indicating the case is likely heading to trial. And that could mean that Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr., who have each been deposed in this civil case, could end up on the stand and questioned about their involvement in an alleged brazen rip-off of nonprofit funds.

The Rittenhouse Judge’s phone went off and he had ‘Lee Greenwood’s’ MAGA theme song as his ring tone.100% Audition. - Noel Casler

Kayleigh McEnany Tells January 6th Panel She Never Worked at White House. - Andy Borowitz

Republicans Should Miss Book Burnings!
The Spotsylvania County School Board has directed staff to begin removing books that contain “sexually explicit” material from library shelves and report on the number of books that have been removed at a special called meeting next week...“I think we should throw those books in a fire,”...

America is deeply divided between Democrats and assholes. - DesignationSix tweet


Click here to meet C.W.


Stephen Colbert, " I thought that Stephen Miller could only be summoned by sacrificing a goat."

Climate Summit Sets Ambitious Goal To Phase Out Fossil Fuels By Time Earth Runs Out Of Them. - The Onion

Good Luck, Puerto Rico, You Deserve Better.

The Republican Party of Reagan and Bush Sr/Jr was vile and detestable, and I'd give anything to have that GOP back. - Randi Mayem Singer


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