Thursday, November 11, 2021

Happy Veterans Day

The president also planned to travel to Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia to participate in a wreath-laying ceremony and deliver remarks.

For generations, Americans have answered the call to serve—taking the sacred oath to defend our ideals of liberty and democracy. These patriots represent the best of us. On Veterans Day, we honor their service, dedication, and valor and are forever grateful for their sacrifice. - President Biden

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

The pathetic reality is either Kyle Rittenhouse will go to prison for murder or he’ll be the keynote speaker at the 2024 Republican National Convention. - Kaivan Shroff

Is Trump Interfering With Ukraine? Probably.

I prefer former Presidents who don’t run their own shadow government.

Kyle Rittenhouse was in Kenosha to provide first aid?!? Is there a new kind of AR-15 that shoots out Band-Aids? - Tristan Snell

Man, the dumbing down of this country is a sad thing to see.

Republican Shenanigans

If I had ever asked my mom to drive me across state lines so I could shoot someone, she'd have never stopped slapping me. - Jeff Tiedrich

Pence On Jan 6: They Razed Paradise and Put Up A Parking Lot
During an appearance this week on The Late Show, Jonathan Karl elaborated with Stephen Colbert. "I saw all of the photographs and by the way, it is wild to see that he was in a loading dock in an underground parking garage underneath the Capitol complex," Karl said. "No place to sit, no desk, no chairs, nothing. He was in this concrete parking garage with his family. This is the vice president of the United States and he's holed up in a basement."

OFFICER: I'm writing you a ticket for speeding.
ME: Keep it. Steve Bannon criminally evaded a subpoena three weeks ago and nothing happened, so laws don't mean shit now. See ya later. [speeds off.] - Jeremy Newberger


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Rock The Voter News

How come Ivanka’s fake role in the White House was treated with more respect than Kamala’s real role as Vice President? - Maggie Klaus

Trump Has To Be Involved In This Somehow 
The Department of Justice announced on Wednesday that it had indicted 3 individuals for allegedly running a "scam PAC" operation that swindled donors out of $3.5 million dollars - and only spent $19 on any campaigns.


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Business/Tech News

Climate Scientists Warn That Fish Will Be Under Even More Water By 2065 - The Onion

So, Does This Settlement Provide Safe Water For Flint, Michigan?
A federal judge has approved a partial settlement that will provide $626.25 million to tens of thousands of Flint, Michigan, residents who for years were impacted by exposure to lead in their drinking water. The settlement, approved on Wednesday by United States District Judge Judith E. Levy, is one of the largest in Michigan's history.

Have you noticed online how the truth is paywalled but the lies are free? - Prince Harry



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
A monastery built on a giant rock formation in Meteora, Greece.


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