Wednesday, October 6, 2021

How AT&T helped build far-right One America News

One America News, the far-right network whose fortunes and viewership rose amid the triumph and tumult of the Trump administration, has flourished with support from a surprising source: AT&T Inc, the world's largest communications company.

AT&T funds OAN.
OAN funded the AZ fraudit.

So by extension AT&T is funding anti-democracy initiatives. 

Do better AT&T. 

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

If Merrick Garland feels that disrupted school board meetings merit an urgent FBI response, wait until he hears about what happened on January 6th. - Jeff Tiedrich

Paging Merrick Garland, Again...
 A group of prominent attorneys on Tuesday filed an ethics complaint against Jeffrey Bossert Clark, a former top Justice Department official who is under investigation for allegedly plotting to help former President Donald Trump overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Republican Shenanigans

Whenever Mitt Romney comes up all I can think about is that time he asked why you can’t open windows on airplanes. - OhNoSheTwitnt

He Can Run But He Can't Hide

One factor not baked into the predictions about the midterm elections is by November 2022 we are going to know a whole lot more about the storming of the Capitol and attempted coup.  And every single Republican, minus a select few, voted to coverup these crimes. - Joe Lockhart


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Rock The Voter News

Know who isn't hiding from a subpoena? the email lady. - Jeff Tiedrich

Merrick Garland Must Be Busy With This...
The Department of Justice (DOJ) said Wednesday it will go after federal contractors that fail to report cybersecurity incidents to the U.S. government.


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Business/Tech News

Honestly, what good does it do to mandate vaccines for employees of airlines if the customer sitting practically in my lap next to me isn’t vaccinated? - Woman In The Moon tweet


Zuckerberg Is A Whiney Billionaire

Stages of life:
1. Birth 
2. You gotta be f*cking kidding me 
3. Death

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