Thursday, October 7, 2021

American Trust in Media Approaches All-Time Low: Poll

American Trust in Media Approaches All-Time Low: Poll
Gallup released a study they conducted in early September with two sample populations totaling 1,005 adults and a confidence level of approximately 95 percent. The data they gathered shows that only 36 percent of Americans say they trust the media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly.

Just read two says Dems are panicking over Biden agenda the other said Pelosi and moderates near a deal...somebody is wrong here. - Joe Lockhart

A failed coup has to lead to jail time or we get a successful coup next time around. - Jeremy Newberger

South Dakota Is A Premier Tax Haven Without Breaking Federal Laws. It's A Miracle!
South Dakota has become the world's foremost tax haven — right up there with the Cayman Islands, and ahead of old-fashioned locations like Switzerland. That's one of the clear messages from the Pandora Papers leak of confidential financial information about the world's richest individuals.

Republican Shenanigans

Donald Trump illegally pressured the Justice Department, red state governors, Republicans in Congress, and finally his own fanatical supporters to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

If Trump doesn't spend the rest of his life in prison, what's the point of having prisons? - Middle Age Riot

Isn't This Obstruction of Justice?
Former President Donald Trump is directing a group of his former aides to ignore a subpoena from the House committee probing the Jan. 6 Capitol attack and signaling he will go to court to block their testimony to the investigators.

it's lucky for Donald Trump that he's just a privileged white man openly committing sedition, obstruction of justice and witness tampering, and not, for example, a black man selling loose cigarettes on a street corner, because there are serious consequences for that. - Jeff Tiedrich


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Rock The Voter News

Subpoenas are absolutely useless unless they are enforced. If any of us ignored subpoenas, we’d be in jail. - Ricky Davila

Two CNN Reporters Called Out AT&T For Supporting OAN. Two.


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Business/Tech News

Billionaires don't want to pay taxes because not paying for things is how they became billionaires.- Middle Age Riot

Trump Loses Lawsuit Against Twitter, Google & Facebook
On Wednesday, a federal judge in Florida dealt a massive blow to former President Donald Trump's lawsuit against Twitter, Google, and Facebook for blocking him from their platforms — ruling that the case must be heard in a less favorable venue to the former president.

In the end, Melania Trump is just another contractor her husband isn't going to pay. - Middle Age Riot



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

A Ghost mantis on a rolled leaf wearing its finest camo.


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