Monday, September 20, 2021

Small crowd gathers near the Capitol to protest arrests of Jan. 6 rioters

A sparse crowd of demonstrators gathered near the nation's Capitol to rally for those criminally charged in the Jan. 6 deadly pro-Trump...

More people published anti-Trump books this week than showed up at the pro-Trump rally. - Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

On this day 2001, George W Bush declared war on terror. 20 years , trillions of dollars spent, 4 presidents later, the Taliban was replaced with the Taliban. - Irishrygirl tweet

Has Iran Killed More Israelis or Has Israel Killed More Iranians?

Those who carried out 9-11 never had a chance of destroying America. Never came close. We hunted down the guy in charge, put a bullet in his brain and threw his body into the sea

The terrorists who carried out January 6th are far more dangerous and THEIR leader is still alive. - Stonekettle

Republican Shenanigans

I used to think that using the Lord’s name in vain meant not saying, 
Oh my God! or Jesus Christ! But it doesn’t.

Using the Lord’s name in vain means that church leaders must not manipulate the poor to pay for yachts, vacations and mansions, while ignoring the needs of the poor. - Ally Oop tweet

Trump Tower Losing Renters? LOL

A patient had the nerve to say to me "this is what you signed up for when you do this job." when discussing Covid.

I corrected him & said, "no, sir. This is absolutely NOT what I signed up for. I can handle the virus. I've never been treated like the enemy till now." - Ratchet Nurse tweet


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Rock The Voter News

Ignorance isn’t bliss. It’s deadly. - Dan Rather

AOC Apparently Didn't Do A Background Check On Her Dress Designer. FYI: I ALWAYS DO!

When I die, I'm gonna tell St. Peter that I was blocked on Twitter by Jerry Falwell Jr. Sebastian Gorka, Scott Baio AND Sean Hannity; just to see if he offers me an express lane. - John Fugelsang


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Business/Tech News

The Sacklers will only have to pay $4.5 billion of their $11 billion fortune for pushing the OxyContin/opioid epidemic.

Just 7.5% will go to actual victims  - about $5,700 per family. The rest will go to corporations, lawyers and governments. - Dan Price

A Billionaire & His Ego Reacts To Biden
Elon Musk made fun of President Joe Biden on Sunday, alluding to former President Donald Trump's nickname for Biden, "Sleepy Joe."

Eric trump complaining about getting subpoena after subpoena hits better than espresso shots. - Brooklyn Dad tweet


Yesterday, I avoided getting blown up by my gas stove. 
Due to quick thinking by my neighbors, you are not reading my obituary.

No more gas for me. Shudder.


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