Monday, August 30, 2021

Ohio judge orders hospital to treat patient with ivermectin despite warnings

An Ohio judge has ordered a local hospital to treat a patient with ivermectin despite warnings from medical officials that it shouldn't be used against COVID-19, ABC affiliate WCPO reported.

Ivermectin User Plans To Enter Kentucky Derby. - Andy Borowitz

Long term covid effects when treated with Ivermectin

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Fauci Suggests Combatting Hesitancy By Marketing Vaccine As Cow Tranquilizer. - Andy Borowitz

So, It Was The Military Who Decided To Remove The Military From Afghanistan Before Evacuating People

Taliban Says It Will Ban Schools From Teaching Critical Race Theory. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

If you think the domestic terrorists aren't planning another 1/6, then you're not paying attention. - Hunter Cullen tweet

The U.S. Needs A Total Lockdown
The rate of Covid-19 deaths has increased in 42 US states in the last week, according to new data, as the spread of the more virulent coronavirus Delta variant has upended a spring of reopenings and led to increasing concern headed into autumn.

They never drained the swamp, they just moved it to Florida. - John Collins

There is something mentally wrong with people who do the exact opposite of what the medical community says will keep them alive. Can't we declare them incompetent and just vaccinate them? - Alt Fed Employee tweet


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Rock The Voter News
Next time we spend twenty years and three trillion dollars somewhere, how about our schools? - Andy Borowitz

Nutcase Attacks Hurricane Reporter

The four horsemen are coming and they’re extra pissed cause their horses all have worms now. - Noel Casler


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Business/Tech News

Study: Pretending Everything's Okay Works. - The Onion


If Congress Doesn't Act, Millions Will Be Homeless

I guess if we have a pandemic of ringworms, Republicans are all set. - Woman In The Moon tweet



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Half Moon Bay, California.


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  1. The second picture, the pony girl, not bad. My horse would freak out a little, but he'd get over it. A few years ago I tried that at the barn with one of those horse masks. A lot of horses were freaked. Classic double takes.