Thursday, August 26, 2021

Biden braces for fallout as his dire warnings of a Kabul terror attack come true

Terrorist explosions outside Kabul's international airport on Thursday that killed 12 US service members came after days of public and private warnings from President Joe Biden of a potential attack that could disrupt the massive airlift effort underway there.

How is it the Taliban can prevent civilians from getting to the airport but not armed terrorists?

Your reminder that when four American soldiers were killed in Niger in 2017, Trump's response was to say nothing for 12 days and then call one of the widows a liar. - Jeff Tiedrich

The “Art of the Deal” guy cut more deals with the Taliban than he did with the Democrats. - cpoliticditto tweet


John Bolton Chews Up Pompeo's Rhetoric & Spits It Out

The GOP is high-fiving after bombs go off in Kabul. Because they are the American wing of the Taliban. - Tim Hannan

Republican Shenanigans

Republican politicians right now vehemently outraged over the Taliban killing their own citizens...

...are the very same Americans who spent the last two years passing stand your ground laws and making it legal to drive a car through a crowd of protestors. - Stonekettle tweet

Isn't Poisoning Prisoners Against The Law? Apparently Not In Arkansas.

“But the vaccine doesn’t even guarantee you won’t get sick, it really only stops you from dying.” 

Not dying sounds pretty f*cking spectacular, to me. - Angry Staffer tweet


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Rock The Voter News

Desperate Trump Orders Eric To Become Lawyer. - Andy Borowitz

This Is How A Powerful Republican Is Punished
South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg pleaded no contest Thursday to a pair of misdemeanor traffic charges over a crash last year that killed a pedestrian, avoiding jail time despite bitter complaints from the victim’s family that he was being too lightly punished for actions they called “inexcusable.”

FDA withdraws approval for whatever drug Rand Paul is on. - Andy Borowitz

Americans in Afghanistan have long known it was dangerous to be there. In most every cases it is NOT the USA’s fault they are now stuck in a bad situation. News media finger pointing at Biden is over the top and the MSM should be asking why a war they ignored is now so important? - John Dean


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Business/Tech News

Same people who won't get vaccinated, wear a mask, or wash their hands to protect others against a disease...

...are right now telling you how they would have defended an airport in the middle of a warzone. - Stonekettle tweet

So, How Are Things Going In Covid Infected Florida?
Efforts to keep the sickest COVID-19 patients breathing are draining resources across the state and in Tampa Bay — creating competition between hospitals and municipal water systems for crucial supplies of liquid oxygen.

I wonder about a nation that does more vetting for the host of Jeopardy than for the president. - Jeet Heer tweet


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