Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Giuliani Audio Proves Trump’s Team Was Lying About Ukraine

During the call, Giuliani — who at the time was former president Donald Trump's lawyer — tells Andriy Yermak, a senior adviser to Ukrainian ...

The Republicans will go even bigger next time unless we make an example outta Rudy. - Tea Pain tweet


Joe Biden vaccinated 140 million in half the time it took Donald Trump to kill 500 thousand. - Middle Age Riot

QAnon Insurrectionist Feels Deceived. Awww.

Republican Shenanigans

Manchin Launches Long-shot Bid To Replace Rand Paul As Most-hated Senator. - Andy Borowitz

Florida Man Claims Public Schools Are Marxist, If He Even Knows What That Means.

"Welcome to Revisionist Southern History. In this class, we'll be learning that the Civil War began when the North seceded from the Confederacy, the Union Army consisted entirely of homosexual vampires, and slaves were so happy, they invented smiling." - Middle Age Riot


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Rock The Voter News

Barack Obama has a Grammy, an Emmy, a Nobel Prize, 2 terms as President, a Twitter account, and 2 hugely successful websites.

Donald Trump has 2 impeachments, 2 active criminal investigations and 1 failed blog. - Jo tweet


Biden DOJ To Defend Trump In Rape Accusation

I don't like DOJ defending the office of the President in E. Jean Carroll's lawsuit any more than you do, but what I do appreciate about Merrick Garland is that he's about make Rudy Giuliani's face melt the f*ck down again, and that might get us what we all want: the former guy. - BlackKnight10K tweet



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Business/Tech News

I’m back in DC at Reagan Airport - where the WiFi is free, but takes a long time to trickle down. - John Fugelsang

Experts Warn Climate-Related Food Shortages May Require Bugs To Overcome Taboos Against Eating Americans. - The Onion

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