Thursday, January 28, 2021

Matt Gaetz to rally Trump faithful to boost MAGA backlash in Liz Cheney's backyard

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida will rally the Trump faithful in Wyoming on Thursday, hoping to bring a MAGA backlash to GOP Rep. Liz Cheney's backyard after she voted to impeach the former President for his role in inciting the riot at the Capitol.

Why hasn’t Biden had a public tirade about toilet flushing yet? Is he even a real president? - Preet Bharara


The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Republicans: "It's time to move on."

Also Republicans: "Here's Nancy Pelosi's office, wink, wink." - Middle Age Riot


Meanwhile, China Flexes Its Muscle
China ratcheted up its rhetoric toward Taiwan as it increases its military activities near the self-governing island.

I like to think Ted Cruz is growing that beard because he can’t bear to look himself in the face. - Sarah Cooper


Republican Shenanigans

President Biden announced a dramatic new change to America's Covid plan:  there is one. - Stephen Colbert


McCarthy Visits Trump at Mar-a-Lago

I love the stock market because when it goes up we get nothing but when it goes down we all lose our jobs. Except during a pandemic when it goes up and we still lose our jobs. - yeoldedad tweet



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Rock The Voter News

Biden Authorizes U.S. Military To Shoot Down Any Harmful Greenhouse Gases That Enter Nation’s Airspace. - The Onion


Speaker Pelosi Calls Out Cowardly Republicans 
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tore into House Republican leadership for elevating QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, in light of recently-revealed posts endorsing assassinations and trashing victims and survivors of mass shootings.

We have to make it harder to become a police officer and easier to be a black man. - Randi Mayem Singer


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Dear Historians Of The Future:

America’s about to transition from Trump getting credit for economic trends that began under Obama


Biden getting blamed for economic trends that began under Trump. - John Fugelsang

Business/Tech News

Tell me the difference between congress members owning stock then having the power to regulate the stock market and sports referees betting on games then having the power to dictate how that game turns out? Interesting that only one is illegal. - Justin Jackson tweet

Biden Puts Saudi Arabia and UAE At Arm's Length

Dolly Parton wrote “Jolene” and “I Will Always Love You” on the same day and I’ve been “getting ready to vacuum” for the past two weeks. - Abby Heugel


The moon photographed over 28 days at the same place and at the same time.


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