Thursday, January 14, 2021

Expecting trouble, Washington locks down ahead of inauguration

All through downtown Washington, the primary sound for several blocks was the beeping of forklifts unloading more fencing.
There were no cars or scooters and seemingly no tourists Wednesday, just the occasional jogger and multiple construction crews at work. The U.S. Capitol that proved such a soft target last week was visible only through lines of tall, black fence.

Good morning from a city fortified and garrisoned by 20,000 troops to protect it from terrorist attack by supporters of President Trump. - David Frum



Raise your hand if you'd like to see Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks, Paul Gosar and Lauren Boebert testify under oath in front of Congress on live television for 11 straight hours to explain how the dipsh*ts with the zip ties found out where everybody's secure locations were. - Jeff Tiedrich



Georgia GOP Governor Punishes GOP State Senators Over Election Fraud Claims
It’s payback time. The Republican rift in the state Senate came to a head Tuesday when Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan demoted three Republican senators who have backed attempts to overturn the presidential vote in Georgia over baseless allegations of irregularities.

The Confederate flag is a victim of "cancel culture" because the Union totally f*cking cancelled the Confederacy. - Middle Age Riot


Lest We Not Forget This Article From March 2020. Betsy DeVos Is Erik Prince's Brother.

The storming of the Capitol was obviously planned and my guess is Erik Prince was somehow involved. My fear is that he would not hesitate to use armed drones on Inauguration Day.

Republican Shenanigans

I know it’s mathematically impossible but somehow Trump and Rudy are *both* going to rip each other off. - Elie Honig




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Ivanka and Jared Kushner wouldn't let Secret Service use their bathrooms, so our taxes have been paying $3000 a month for extra toilets.

Really puts those $600 stimulus checks into perspective. - Nick Jack Pappas


Business/Tech News

Parler is the gas station bathroom of social media platforms. - Sandy Jorgenson



Twitter Defends Banning Trump Because He Glorifies Violence

I miss peaceful transfers of power. - Molly Jong-Fast

U.S. Route 93, Mojave Desert, Arizona. The one thing I miss by not having a car is taking a long drive.


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