Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Defiant Whistleblower Vows to Carry on After Florida Police Raided Home, Pulled Guns on Kids: ‘Will Not Stop Me … Ever’

Defiant Whistleblower Vows to Carry on After Florida Police Raided Home, Pulled Guns on Kids: ‘Will Not Stop Me … Ever’
Rebekah Jones, the Covid whistleblower and Florida researcher whose home was raided at gunpoint, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that Gov. Ron Desantis is trying to intimidate her, but she won’t back down.
Jones appeared on Monday night’s edition of Cuomo Primetime hours after she posted harrowing footage of state police raiding her home with guns drawn — while her children were present.

In the last 22 years, Republicans have ruined Florida, starting with Jeb Bush in 1998.

I refuse to sign my organ donor card until I get some kind of guarantee that no part of my body will ever be used to keep Ron DeSantis alive. - Middle Age Riot


The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Texas is the Donald Trump of states. - Middle Age Riot

Texas Is Messing With Voters

Remember when elections used to happen and then they'd be over and the loser would congratulate the winner and then everyone would get on with their lives? evidently that's too much to ask of what's become the party of stupid f*cking violent sore-loser terrorist assholes. - Jeff Tiedrich


Republican Shenanigans

Pretty weird how no one in the White House wears a mask and everyone in the White House is getting covid. If only there were some obvious conclusion we could draw from this. - Jeff Tiedrich



Are They Going To Name It Javankaville?

Rudy Giuliani’s covid diagnosis proves that the virus can travel from bat to human back to bat. - Sarah Cooper


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Pence Terrified That Kamala Harris Will Request One-on-One Transition Meeting. - Andy Borowitz


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson   01
President Donald Trump                   00


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As excited as I am about the new Lady Gaga Oreos, they'll never replace my Pat Benatar Hydrox. - Stephen Colbert



American Airlines Will Sell You An At-Home Virus Test Kit For The Low, Low Price Of $128!

“Grandpa, what was 2020 like?” “Oh, honey, that was a time in America where half the country thought it was patriotic to kill other Americans” - Edel Rodriguez 



Peace and love everyone.

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