Saturday, November 7, 2020

America Fires Trump

 Biden defeats Trump to become 46th president

Now we all can get a good night's sleep.

Peace and love to all!

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  1. I hope so. I been in anguish for 4 years. We aren't done yet.
    One time i killed a rattlesnake. We tried to tell it to go away.
    We just knew it was going to bite somebody.
    So i took a shovel and chopped off its head. I threw the head into the ditch and never saw it again.
    But then i had to go to work. I forget what was so important but probably it was ok.
    After that i went back to the dead rattlesnake. I was thinking to skin it. I was wondering how to cook it.
    So i started doing that. It was interesting to see, that snake had 3 gophers in its gut. I kept skinning it.
    All of a sudden, that snake tried to bite me!
    It had no head! But the stump tried to bite me!