Friday, November 20, 2020

Ivanka Trump Lashes Out at Reports of NY Fraud Investigation: 'This is Harassment Pure and Simple'

Ivanka Trump Lashes Out at Reports of NY Fraud Investigation: 'This is Harassment Pure and Simple'
Ivanka Trump has found herself in the middle of two possible New York State fraud investigations, and unlike the several allegations that have come before, she has taken the time to respond to these.

I wonder if her orange jumpsuit complete with inmate number will be a best-selling Halloween costume. - B2 tweet

The Gang That Couldn’t Coup Straight. - Edel Rodriguez



The Conspiracy Theories Are Morphing Into Further Absurdity, If That Is Possible?
White House trade advisor Peter Navarro went full tinfoil hat in an interview on Eric Bolling’s show, America This Week, making several bizarre, baseless accusations, among them that China had sent “hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals” around the world to “seed” the virus into a pandemic.

‘Your Honor, I’m Ready To Present,’ Says Giuliani Pulling Rotted Melon, Stray Cat Out Of Old Burlap Sack. - The Onion


Republican Shenanigans

I’m not thanking Republicans for sh*t at this point. I’m done praising them for doing the bare f*cking minimum after what they’ve put us through. - Sarah Cooper



Reporters Furious At Pence Coronavirus Briefing

When they go low, they go really freaking low. - JRehling



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The definition of insanity is counting the same votes over and over and expecting a different result. - Middle Age Riot


Rock The Voter News

Giuliani Shipped To Madame Tussaud’s For Repainting. - Andy Borowitz


Happy Birthday, Joe, AND MANY MORE
Joe Biden is celebrating his 78th birthday on Friday, making him the oldest president-elect in U.S. history.


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Joe Biden every time he wins Georgia

FDA Delays Emergency Vaccine Approval Until They Finish Evaluating New Bagged Salad Kit. - The Onion

The polite tradition of not prosecuting ex-Presidents has outlived its usefulness. - Andy Borowitz



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