Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Hundreds of Trump supporters stuck on freezing cold Omaha airfield after rally

Hundreds of President Donald Trump supporters were left in the freezing cold for hours after a rally at an airfield in Omaha, Nebraska, on Tuesday night, with some walking around three miles to waiting buses and others being taken away in ambulances.

It is priceless, isn’t it. Trump lures a bunch of MAGA to a field to stroke his ego — when it’s freezing and there’s something of a flu going around — and just abandons them. What’s he got to do? Come round to your houses and punch you individually in the face??? - Michael Marshall Smith

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Trying hard to not let the blasting of “Fortunate Son” at the wealthy Vietnam draft dodger’s rallies overshadow my outrage over a quarter-million dead. It’s all so stupid, it hurts. - Scott Linnen

Jared Is As Evil As Trump. The Marquis de Sade Would Be Impressed.

Of course Brett Kavanaugh likes Bush v. Gore. "Hanging Chad" sounds like one of the guys he used to boof with. - Stephen Colbert

Kushner Says If Black People Want To Succeed They Would Have Their Fathers Bribe Harvard To Admit Them. - Andy Borowitz

My Goodness. Apparently There Are Criminals In This Administration!
The criminal campaign finance fraud prosecution of several associates of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani appears to be on the verge of netting its first guilty plea, as a federal court in Manhattan set a change-of-plea hearing for Thursday morning for Florida businessman David Correia.


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I pay more than 40 cents on every dollar I earn [in taxes]. So does Michelle. And we do it proudly because what I know is is that this country has blessed me ... I'm proud to contribute and give back. - Barack Obama


Rock The Voter News

I hope the ghost of Ruth Bader Ginsburg haunts them all forever. - Sarah Cooper

Ted Cruz Doesn't Like Twitter's Terms of Service!
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) erupted on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey during a Senate hearing over media censorship on the social media platform — specifically targeting him for banning the New York Post following their controversial reporting on Hunter Biden.

Car in front of me at red light has a bumper sticker says 'honk if you love Jesus.' 
So I honk. 
Then he gives me the finger. - John Fugelsang


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Trump endangering his supporters by:

• Buzzing them with his helicopter.

• Hosting a COVID super spreader event.

• Deserting them in the freezing cold to catch hypothermia.

As CCR’s ‘Fortunate Son’ blares all around is just so deliciously demented. - Billy Baldwin tweet

Business/Tech News
Banks don't "forgive" $287,000,000 unless they're getting something in return. - Stonekettle

Online Sales Predicted To Break Record During Pandemic. Duh.

My dog found a croissant on the ground one time, months ago, and he still drags me to that same spot every single day to check if there’s a new one. I may start occasionally hiding them there before our walks just to make his day. - Laura Bassett



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