Monday, October 12, 2020

Fauci criticizes inclusion in Trump campaign ad

The nation’s top infectious disease expert said his words were “taken out of context” in the ad praising the president’s response to the pandemic.

It's crazy that, after last week, we literally know what it means to say, "that's like Trump on steroids.” - Stephen Colbert


The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

ABC News has confirmed that attendees to Trump WH Rally were paid.
Well, he’s back to paying people to get fvcked. - Ken Olin tweet


Wow. The United Nations Has Gone Full Trump.
China, Russia, Cuba, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are expected to be elected to the board of the UN human rights council on Tuesday, leaving human rights campaigners in the countries aghast and pleading with EU states to commit to withholding their support.

Someone needs to ask Amy Coney Barrett how she feels about the fact that donated fetal tissue from an abortion saved Trump’s life. - OhNoSheTwitnt tweet

Trump has fostered diversity on the Supreme Court, in that Amy Coney Barrett is creepy in an entirely different way than Brett Kavanaugh. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

Journalists. You’re taking the bait. Republicans already packed the courts. Mitch laughed about it. Your job is not both sides. It’s the truth. - Bradley Whitford

Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah. You Can't Make Me Wear A Mask!

Ah yes, a full week of Republicans pretending that their Supreme Court nominee won’t do what they explicitly picked her to do. - Jon Favreau

Kamala Goes After GOP Regarding Rushed Nomination
Senator Kamala Harris called out Republican leadership of the Senate Judiciary hearing during opening remarks of the nomination hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, just 22 days from the 2020 general election in which the will of the American people will be clearly expressed.

Marsha Blackburn sent two armed US Marshals to my home in Nashville to subpoena me to Congress for the fetal tissue research that Trump ended up using to save himself from the coronavirus while nominating Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court so that she can ban it permanently. - Dr. Eugene Gu


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We've seen this before:
1) GOP elected after a Democratic president saves economy. 

2) Tax cuts for the wealthy & corporations.

3) The economy tanks, crisis mismanaged.  

4) GOP proposes cuts to Social Security & Medicare. 

5) Dems elected to clean up the mess. 

6) Repeat.

- Robert Reich


Rock The Voter News

This election is a tough call because one candidate was endorsed by both the Taliban and the KKK and the other was endorsed by a broad bipartisan coalition and the New England Journal of Medicine. - Bess Kalb


Lock Up The California GOP. 
The California Republican Party is facing scrutiny after setting up unofficial ballot drop-off boxes at various locations in Southern California and advertising their locations via social media posts, the Orange County Register reported first, an action that state officials said is in violation of California law.

Donald Trump went from being on an oxygen tank to fully recovered from Covid in 4 days. Something isn’t adding up here.

Two 16 hour days. Covid is getting bad again at the hospital.  I am exhausted and can’t sleep. I am getting stage 2 pressure ulcers on the bridge of my nose from my N95 again.  My hands are dry, angry and hurt. I am fried. Burned out. Exhausted. Wear. A. Fucking. Mask. - Jennifer Williams tweet



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Amy Coney Barrett Promises Catholic Faith Won’t Interfere With Court’s Crushing Of The Poor, Downtrodden. - The Onion

Nation’s Indigenous People Confirm They Don’t Need Special Holiday, Just Large Swaths Of Land Returned Immediately. - The Onion

I give up. You're on your own. Good luck. - TheTweetOfGod




Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

This is about a quarter mile from my home. All roads in and out have been this way for 4 days due to the heavy rains. The road crews are out there today. I'm sorta glad I don't go out much anymore!


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