Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Trump’s Massive Debts Are a National Security Crisis

You can be denied a security clearance for having too much debt. But it can’t stop you from becoming president — if you’re Donald Trump

Americans Demand To Pay Same Amount of Taxes As Trump. - Andy Borowitz

Evangelicals spent 2000 years complaining about Satan and, when he finally comes, they vote for him. - John Lunden


Fauci Calls Out Fox News As Outlandish

I just checked the Constitution and you can’t nominate a Supreme Court Justice if you have unpaid taxes. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

Trump Plans to Use Debate to Deduct Biden as Dependent - Andy Borowitz

Mexico Concerned US Has Reached Josef Mengele Level
Mexico said Monday it had requested more information from the U.S. on medical procedures given to migrants in detention centers, after allegations that detained Mexican women were sterilized without their consent. Rights campaigners alleged two weeks ago that a number of hysterectomies had been carried out at a privately run detention center in Georgia.

The crazy thing is I bet the Donald bitched to his accountants about their invoice. - Kevin Harden, Jr. tweet



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Someone once asked Jackie Kennedy what her husband's favorite song was, and she said, "Hail to the Chief."  We've gone from Camelot to Scamalot. - Dee

Eric Trump stole 2,666 times more money from kids with cancer than his father paid in taxes in 2016.

Trump Wants To Inspect Biden's Ears. No, Really.

You were protecting us from Mexicans, meanwhile we got invaded by Europeans with Covid. - Gov. Andrew Cuomo


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Why is it legal to write off 100% of hair styling for the President, but not 100% of school supplies for teachers? - Grandma Grit tweet

Business/Tech News

At the debate Tuesday Biden should start every response by looking at Chris Wallace and say, “Well that’s the 750 dollar question, isn’t it?

Cyberwar On Covid Research
Microsoft said Tuesday it had seen a major spike in foreign efforts to target U.S. public policy groups and organizations involved in COVID-19 research, marking a shift from previous cyber attempts to disrupt critical infrastructure.

Prayers for my husband who very tragically got me nothing for our anniversary when I specifically told him I wanted nothing for our anniversary. - Jesse tweet

If 2020 were shoes


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