Friday, September 18, 2020

The White House blocked the US Postal Service from sending face masks to every US household in April

The White House blocked the US Postal Service from sending face masks to every US household in April
The White House scrapped a plan by the US Postal Service to send every American household a face mask in April, The Washington Post reported on Thursday, citing documents obtained through public-records requests. 

Imagine how many lives would have been saved if the Post Office delivered those masks.

BTW, is Dr. Birx locked up in a tower somewhere? And couldn't she use one of her scarves to escape? - Jeremy Newberger

When I was a 16 year old waitress & regularly used to serve Van Morrison (rudest man on the planet) I learnt the valuable life lesson that a person can be a genius, and also an idiot. - Kate Nicholl

Anti-abortion Trump supporters who won’t wear masks are in the grand Republican tradition of being pro-life and pro-death at the same time. - Andy Borowitz

Judge Orders Post Office To Return To Normal Operations

Who are you going to believe, a hundred ex-White House staffers or a dozen current ones that are trying to stay out of jail? - Schooley

Republican Shenanigans

White House Task Force Finds No Evidence of White Privilege In U.S. - Andy Borowitz

So, Trump's Base Isn't Donating Money To Him?

Barr Says Wearing Mask Interferes With Sucking Ass. - Andy Borowitz

Only 19 days until Kamala Harris prosecutes Mike Pence on debate stage. - Daniel Uhlfelder

Water, Water, Everywhere, But Don't Drink It!

Trump Bans TikTok & WeChat
The Trump administration announced that it will ban TikTok and WeChat from US app stores starting Sunday, a significant escalation against the two Chinese-owned apps that have massive user bases.

Wow. They’re actually going to ban TikTok. Then in the same breath yell at you about the importance of free speech. - Elle DeSylva 

Accidentally closed a browser with 20+ tabs opened . . . this must be what the scholars of Alexandria felt when their great library burned. - Caulimovirus tweet


Stay Safe Everyone and have a great weekend!
Amazing photo of the Tawny Frogmouth. Because Australia refuses to have any normal animals, owls included.


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