Monday, September 7, 2020

Happy Labor Day

Best Wishes for a happy and safe Labor Day!

I will take advantage of this day as I have labored a lot this year. Especially shoveling through all his BS.

I won't leave you empty handed.


The wake of other boats in a pro-Trump parade in Texas caused 5 boats to sink, sheriff's office says

And...the Cadet Bones Spurs Saga Continues...

Trump referred to Marines buried at cemetery in France in crude and derogatory terms, a former senior official says

My brother was captured in Laos in September of 1974 and executed by the North Vietnamese on December 14, 1974. F-ck you,  Donald Trump. - Gov. Howard Dean

Trump’s Defenders: He Doesn’t Hate the Troops, He Just ‘Sounds Like an Asshole’

Peace, Love and Happy Labor Day!

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