Thursday, July 30, 2020

The congressional underclass erupts in fury after Gohmert gets Covid-19

The congressional underclass erupts in fury after Gohmert gets Covid-19
The revelation Wednesday that Texas Republican Louie Gohmert, a renegade lawmaker known for stalking the halls of Congress without a mask, tested positive for Covid-19 has unleashed a fusillade of anger on Capitol Hill — a sudden release of built-up tension over how the institution has dealt with the coronavirus pandemic within the confines of its own workplace.

If you are refusing to wear a mask due to concern your brain won’t get enough oxygen, I’m here to tell you; that ship has already sailed. - YS tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

The USA is experiencing 1 Covid death per minute. That's about 500 deaths during each round of golf Trump plays. - Frank Schaeffer 

Trump May Delay The Election. Probably Accompanied By A Nuke Strike.
President Donald Trump explicitly floated delaying November's presidential election on Thursday, lending extraordinary voice to persistent concerns that he will seek to circumvent voting in a contest where he currently trails his opponent by double digits.

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R) reminds reporters Pelosi would become president if the election were delayed past Jan. 20, when prez terms expire: "if we were to delay the election past January 20, the President would be the Speaker of the House. So I wonder if anyone's thought about that." - Kaitlan Collins, CNN tweet


Republican Shenanigans

In the midst of a civil war, one that for Americans was the deadliest armed conflict in history, 150,000 Union soldiers voted by mail in 1864. Their votes helped ensure the re-election of President Abraham Lincoln, the preservation of the nation, and the end of slavery. - George Conway tweet

Trump Must Be A Masochist, Because He's Gonna Get Booed Bigtime.
President Donald Trump is likely to be the only world leader speaking live from New York at this year’s United Nations General Assembly debate, scheduled to take place Sept. 22 to 25.
Kelly Craft, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., told a virtual event Thursday morning that Trump would be “the only world leader to be speaking in person,” noting that “this is the 75th anniversary (of the U.N.), so it makes it even more special.”

Turns out the walls that we'll remember from the Trump years are the Wall of Moms and the Wall of Vets. My eyes brim with tears as I see the images. 
America is there, behind the tear gas, the lies, the pandemic death wrought by incompetence. America is there, standing strong. - George Takei


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If Trump loses, he’s gonna be the first president to have to be evicted. Whew chile, the ghetto. - Jemele Hill tweet

Rock The Voter News

Watching the John Lewis funeral, I see love in the pews and at the pulpit. I see empathy, decency, and justice. I see the power of “good trouble.” This is ALSO our America. Let us not forget it or forsake it. - Dan Rather

I'm Not Crying. You Are. OK, I Am.
Rep. John Lewis spent one last night in D.C. Tuesday before being taken to Georgia for his burial. As the "conscience of Congress" laid in state on the steps of the Capitol for one final night, a double rainbow appeared above the dome.

It's incredible to be reminded of a President that can speak in public for 30 minutes without saying some insane sh-t like suggesting we inject lysol or smoke hydroxychloroquine. - DKnight10000 tweet


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Business/Tech News

The GDP looks like Putin had it pushed out of a high rise window. - DKnight10000 tweet

Republicans Delay Stimulus Payments To Suffering Americans
White House chief of staff Mark Meadows cast doubt on the possibility of a stimulus package, saying, "I'm not optimistic we'll reach any kind of comprehensive deal."

Seeing and hearing three Presidents honor an American saint seems to make us all feel a little better for a few moments...about all of it. - Craig Melvin


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Time To Deflate Photo
A Japanese Hokkaido bird looks like a cotton ball with a smile.


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