Friday, June 19, 2020

Whistleblower: TSA Failed To Protect Staff, Endangered Passengers During Pandemic

Whistleblower: TSA Failed To Protect Staff, Endangered Passengers During Pandemic
The Transportation Security Administration withheld N-95 masks from staff and exhibited "gross mismanagement" in its response to the Coronavirus crisis – leaving employees and travelers vulnerable during the most urgent days of the pandemic, a senior TSA official alleges in a new whistleblower complaint.

The only positive thing about the past 4 years is that Trumpism has unmasked all the traitors. - Publious tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

White House Staff Seething with Envy After Fauci Reveals He Has Not Spoken to Trump in Two Weeks - Andy Borowitz

Spring Break Was Such A Boon To Florida!
Florida added another 3,207 coronavirus cases Thursday, shattering the previous daily record as the state emerges as an alarming hot spot among places grappling with a resurgence of the disease...There have been 85,926 coronavirus cases reported in Florida since the outbreak began and 3,061 deaths. The state reported 43 additional COVID-19 deaths Thursday.

Trump Says He Has No Intention of Having Bolton’s Book Read Aloud to Him - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

Donald Trump has broken the law and violated the Constitution every single day of his Presidency. And the GOP has helped him do it. - Rob Reiner 

We vant to be alone.
Don Jr. Questions Trump About the Roswell UFO Event
President Donald Trump says he’s heard some interesting things about Roswell, but he’s not sharing even with his eldest child.
Trump made the comments Thursday in a Father’s Day-themed interview with his son Don Trump Jr., hosted by the president’s reelection campaign. Don Jr. wound down his interview by jokingly asking his Dad/President if he would ever divulge more information about Roswell, the New Mexico city known for its proximity to arguably most famous UFO event — “and let us know what’s really going on.”

I'm old enough to remember when Republican politicians could denounce Nazis without alienating their base. - Middle Age Riot


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Rock The Voter News

Sen. Klobuchar Wants A Woman of Color As Vice President
Sen. Klobuchar announces she is withdrawing from consideration to be Joe Biden's vice presidential choice: "I think this is a moment to put a woman of color on that ticket."

Tomorrow during Trumps big klan rally would be a really, really great time for Biden to announce Harris as his VP.  
Just saying.... - lisastark35 tweet


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When a historical photo needs no words

Business/Tech News

Juneteenth is henceforth considered a US holiday at Tesla & SpaceX. - Elon Musk

Labor Group Expels Seattle Police Union For Racism
The largest labor group in the Seattle area has expelled the city's police union, saying the guild representing officers failed to address racism within its ranks.
The vote Wednesday night by the King County Labor Council to exclude the Seattle Police Officers Guild comes after weeks of protests in the city over police brutality and racism following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

I pray that tomorrow in Tulsa there is no violence. I pray it doesn’t lead to a further spike in illness. But make no mistake. President Trump bears responsibility for whatever happens. He is provoking and inciting a confrontation with glee. - Dan Rather



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

This image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope depicts NGC 7027, or the “Jewel Bug” nebula. I don't see a jewel or a bug. But I do see a bird's head on the middle right.


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