Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Trump freaks out over possibility of Pelosi becoming president if he and Pence get sick from Covid-19

President Donald Trump started off Tuesday morning with a series of tweets, including one ranting against the presidential line of succession 

l look forward to the day when it is once again embarrassing to be stupid. - Rex Huppke

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

#TrumpGate is worse than Watergate, worse than Bridgegate, and worse than every other "gate" that has happened in America.

Name another "gate" that caused the deaths of 80,000 American citizens in 2 months.

Go ahead...we'll wait. - Brooklyn Dad Defiant

I'm Surprised Mitch McConnell Didn't Say, "Shut Your Mouth, Boy!"

Classless is bragging about grabbing women by their genitals. Classless is complimenting Nazi sympathizers as "some very good people." Classless is imitating the disabled, people of color and religions other than your own. Classless is lying about a deadly disease.  #Classless - Teresa Cobb

Republican Shenanigans

Republicans love calling themselves the party of Lincoln, yet I have no doubt today's Republicans would have impeached Lincoln for ending slavery. - trom177 tweet

Meatpackers Need To Sue Trump

Pence Ordered To Keep Lips Six Feet Away From Trump’s Ass. - Andy Borowitz


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President Email Lady would be wearing a mask, is all I'm saying. - Jeff Tiedrich

Rock The Voter News

Obama Unworried About Trump Accusing Him of Crime Because Bill Barr Does Not Prosecute Criminals. - Andy Borowitz

Rand Paul Needs To Be Tarred and Feathered

Trump being defeated by Obama's Vice President is the most appropriate way for this to come to an end. - Ben Rhodes


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Nobody voted for Donald Trump because they thought he was a skilled communicator, charismatic leader, creative problem solver, brilliant intellect, or selfless humanitarian.

They voted for him because he hated the same people they did. - Middle Age Riot

Business/Tech News

In March, Elon Musk predicted there would be no new cases of covid by the end of April. 

Yesterday, there were 17,776 new confirmed cases.

Today, he wants to reopen his factory, jeopardizing the health of workers to protect his own profits.

Billionaires aren’t the answer. - Robert Reich

WTF? Mike Tyson Returning to Boxing?
In a pair of training videos posted on his Instagram page, Mike Tyson, 53, showed off his agility and power as he hit the pads with a trainer.

Most of Twitter is probably too young to remember this, but about 30 years ago, a toddler fell into a well in Texas and the country was spellbound until she was safe. Now, we're all like, "Who needs grandmas if your roots are showing, amirite? lol" - Fiona Taylor



An Emu reincarnated in a wood plank?

Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Japanese paradise flycatcher feeding its baby.


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