Thursday, February 6, 2020

Trump attacks impeachment foes at National Prayer Breakfast for invoking faith

Trump attacks impeachment foes at National Prayer Breakfast for invoking faith
The dig appeared to be directed at Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney, though the president did not name names.

A National Prayer Breakfast doesn't make USA a 'Christian Nation.'  That would require nonviolence, welcoming refugees and caring for sick & poor. - John Fugelsang


The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Trump is, in effect, a king. Not like King Arthur -- more like Burger King. - Samantha Bee

Adam Schiff: Erik Prince, GWBush's Mercenary Man Lied To Congress
The Justice Department has begun reviewing a 10-month-old allegation by the House Intelligence Committee chairman, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), that Erik Prince, an ally of President Donald Trump, repeatedly misled lawmakers during the panel’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.
In a Feb. 4 letter to Schiff from Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd, obtained on Tuesday by POLITICO, Boyd expressed regret for the lengthy delay in responding to the chairman’s April 30, 2019, request.

The good news is any one of us could win a Presidential Medal of Freedom at any moment. That sh*t is wide open. - George Wallace

"He looked to me like he was a little sedated..." - Speaker Pelosi about the president at State of the Union

My favorite Bible story is probably the one where Jesus shows up at the National Prayer Breakfast and gives a disjointed and rambling speech about how amazing he is and how he's going to wreak revenge on all his enemies. - Jeff Tiedrich

Republican Shenanigans

I’m hearing a lot of people are losing their minds over Speaker Pelosi.

What did she do?

Separate families?Defraud a charity?Start a fake university?Sexually assault someone?

Oh, she ripped up a piece of paper?

Wow, that’s horrendous . - jdwickie tweet

The Woman Who Is Braver Than John Bolton
Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch claims she has “no regrets” for speaking out despite the “criticism, lies and malicious conspiracies” that have been raised against her throughout the Ukraine scandal.
Yovanovitch announced her retirement from the State Department last week after months of being a major figure in connection to President Donald Trump’s impeachment. 

Susan Collins says she’ll acquit because “he learned his lesson.” The only lesson Trump learned is that Susan Collins & the GOP will let him get away with anything. - Al Franken


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Rock The Voter News

Mitt Romney robs President Trump of being able to say his impeachment was entirely partisan. - Kasie Hunt

Brian Is Showing He's Not a Beach Boy.  He’s a Beach Man!
Brian Wilson has called for a boycott of The Beach Boys, the legendary band he co-founded, over its upcoming performance at a trophy-hunting event featuring Donald Trump Jr.
The Beach Boys, which are now fronted by original member Mike Love—with whom Wilson has had a decades-long tumultuous relationship—are set to perform at Safari Club International’s annual convention this week in Reno, Nevada. The hunting show’s roster of speakers is headlined by the president’s son, an avid big-game hunter.


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Business/Tech News

Medal of Honor Awarded to McDonald's Employee Who Put Chicken Nugget in Trump's Order of Large Fries. -

Surgical Mask Theft In China
A Chinese city with only eight confirmed cases of a new coronavirus has been accused of intercepting a shipment of surgical masks bound for a municipality with 400 cases, prompting...



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Time To Deflate Photo

Hey, Hey, You, You, Get Off Of My Birdfeeder!


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