Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Deep apologies for skipping today's edition

My "daughter" got arrested for macheting watermelons.  Let me start at the beginning.

Her son JJ was heading into town on his motorcycle with his fiancee. A car in front of him was driving crazy, stopping, speeding up, weaving, etc. Finally the car stopped and JJ pulled up next to him and said "are you crazy?" The driver got out of his car swinging a machete. JJ got off his motorcycle and said to drop the machete and fight like a man and put his fists up. This is midday, mind you.  The driver hit JJ 4 times on the top of his helmet with the machete, once on the bicep and once on his baby finger. No cut on the bicep but when he hit his finger the machete shattered into pieces because he hit the metal motorcycle handlebar, too.

In the meantime JJ's trembling fiancee called my daughter who was only moments away. Once she arrived she argued with the driver and chopped up his watermelons with her machete, 10 of them to be exact.Tica mothers are very protective.

This is the prosecutor's office waiting room. The reflection
in the window shows a courtyard behind that has a kiosk that
makes great empanadas.
Well, the police arrive and arrest the driver and my daughter after a long discussion. JJ is well known, he's a professional surfer and instructor, not a troublemaker. Of course the police knew him and my daughter after meeting one of the police women decided to go fishing this weekend. Even though she was "arrested" she wasn't brought to jail -- she just had to show up to court today. My God, nothing like that happens in the US during and after an arrest.

So we went to the courthouse today and the arrest was thrown out the window after a couple of hours of meetings and paperwork. She did pay 5000 colones for macheting the 10 watermelons (around $8)

So, I wanted to be with my daughter when she went to court today.

The day turned out to be quite productive. Shopping was on top of our list after the arrest was thrown out. I FINALLY was able to purchase an air conditioner while I was in the big city to avoid delivery charges. So I will also avoid melting into a puddle! Next project is to get it installed! Yee Haw. Thank you everyone!

I will return tomorrow with a fresh edition.

Thank you for stopping by and for your patience.

Pura vida.

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